Sweat, mildew, multiple colognes, and aftershaves. All around you in the locker room, you see the football team disrobing after practice. Strong sinewy muscles exposed everywhere around you. Inside, your mind is playing your favorite locker room fantasy, outside, you are doing everything possible to not show your true feelings.

Feelings of lust, pure young male testosterone racing through your body. It seems like your heart is beating so hard everyone should be able to hear it. You know the exposed veins must be pulsing like crazy. Do you get undressed and shower, or wait until they are all gone? Furthermore, what if you make eye contact?!

What if you can’t control your dick and get a raging hardon thinking about your locker room fantasy?

You would be the laughing stock of the school. Jeanie, your girlfriend, would break up with you. People will know the truth about you. That you crave big dicks and are confused. You love Jeanie and the sex is fantastic. Sometimes you just need something different and in the fantasy, a guy orgy fulfills that something.

Drifting to that day when you were at Grandma’s for the summer. Cousin Dale is there too. Discussing your dicks, hardons, and sex, somehow you both end up with your pants down. As a result, Dale takes your dick in his hand and strokes it. Then he gets down on his knees and puts your young cock in his warm, wet mouth and sucks.

Holy shite, that is pure fucking heaven!

You shoot your first load of cum into Dale’s welcoming mouth. He looks up and smiles happily, you sit back and feel shame. Every day you two play and by end of summer, you have put your pecker in his tight little butt. Enjoying every moment but believing it was just summer fun exploring with Dale. Also, as a Naughty Grandma, I get to watch my grandkids play just like this!

Now, you are here in this locker room fantasy with sexy guys all around you. Down deep you know you love Jeanie, and will ultimately spend the rest of your life with her. You smile just thinking of happy your life will be together. Shit, you haven’t even told her you “know” she is “the one.” You guys are pretty young, too soon to tell her.

Looking across the room, Tom makes eye contact. Is this real or my locker room fantasy?

He smiles with those perfect white teeth and you melt. Then he is walking towards you with Jim and Nick right behind him. Consequently, they stop in front of you. All four of you look at each other as their towels drop to the floor. Shit, this is happening for real. Tom leans down and kisses you. Nick and Jim start to rub their hands all over your body.

You feel their cocks on your arms and grab one in each hand. Almost as if instinct you bring their dicks to your mouth. Seems like you have dreamed of this locker room fantasy for so long, you know exactly what to do. So, both hard rods squeeze into your mouth as Tom starts sucking your dick. His mouth is warm and wet, and your pecker fits like a glove in it.

Slick with sweat, the four of you go down on the towels as the rest of the guys watch.

The rest of the guys have formed a circle around your little orgy. Hence, you feel like you are live porno on display. Before you were worried about judgment but now you see they are all okay with it. Furthermore, the ones in the circle are jerking off with excitement. At this moment you realize it is normal and okay to feel like you do! All this time, you thought you were a freak, but other guys feel like this too!

The four of you work each other’s cocks with mouths and hands. Within no time you are getting close to coming. You hear a voice calling your name. What?! Then a hand smacks your back. What the fuck?! Reality rears its head and you are standing in the locker room. Johnny is calling your name and smacking your back to get your attention. Hence it was just a locker room fantasy after all!

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