It’s not my fault that you are spending New Year’s eve locked up in chastity.

Everyone else is out partying with all their friends and having a grand time celebrating a whole new decade. I mean…the parties are even bigger this year since it’s the start of the roaring twenties. I feel bad for you being locked up in chastity, but you have been having extremely bad behavior!

My friends came over to have a girl’s night, and instead of being quiet and doing your chores the whole time, you were staring down Samatha’s shirt! Samantha has a required eight-inch dick minimum just like the rest of us, so why would she like you looking down her shirt like a pervert? She wouldn’t!

And, on top of you being a pervert, you didn’t get any of your chores done like doing my laundry or sweeping the floor on your hands and knees. So a naughty sissy like you deserves to be locked up in chastity, even if everyone else is having a good time.

What? Are you feeling embarrassed because all your friends are texting you and asking where you are?

They are all texting you saying you’re missing out on amazing parties happening right down the hall. Just tell them you are busy with panty boy domination.

Maybe next year you will be able to join in on the fun…if you aren’t locked up in chastity still. I love seeing you turn pink when I casually suggest that maybe you should be in chastity all year long. I mean, that would really teach you a lesson, wouldn’t it?

But I guess…I’m not that mean! I just love seeing that shiny metal cage hanging where your little dick should be. It’s the perfect replaceable if you ask me. Your cock is so small and boring, but at least with a cage on, it just looks so much better. It definitely lets everyone know what a dumb sissy slut you are, and you know the rules. If anyone asks why you are locked up in chastity, you have to tell them the truth!

I don’t want you being a liar on top of being a sissy.

I’m starting to get bored with you, so I think we should do something else.

Why don’t we dress you up in some sexy lingerie? I’m not sure how sexy my lingerie will look on you, but at least we know the panties will fit you! I have the cutest lingerie set in mind too. Why don’t you go get the pink see-through babydoll with the feather lining? I think the pink really suits you well!

Here, put this pink thong on to go over your metal cock cage! It’s almost perfect but I feel like we are missing a couple of things.

I go into my closet and come out with some pink leather thigh-high boots. These should be your exact size! We are so lucky that you have such a feminine figure. You can fit into my clothes perfectly. Stop shifting your body weight! I know the chastity device makes you so sensitive, but I don’t have time for your sissy needs right now. This is a punishment for a reason. Sit down at my vanity. It’s time to make you look like a true sissy slut.

The outfit is only half the work anyway, I think you need a little more.

I go rummaging through my make-up bag and bring out some lipgloss, mascara, and some blush. Then, I start to give you a complete makeover. Before I can even start to put blush on, your face is bright red, and giggles start to escape my lips.

You look so pathetic, but I know you aren’t going to do anything about it. This is your life now. You deserve to be dressed up like a complete sissy slut so that all my friends can make fun of you. Oops! Well, I guess I didn’t tell you about the last part.

You couldn’t go to a New Year’s Eve party, so you will just have to come with me in your new shiny outfit! I think everyone is going to have a fun time teasing you locked up in chastity. Some of them haven’t even seen a sissy slut in a cage before! You are going to be a new shiny plaything that everyone wants a turn using!

Let’s celebrate the New Year with a naughty phone sex session!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke