Watch In Envy, As I Live Out Your Ultimate Fantasy, With Another Man

Watch in envy, as I live out your ultimate fantasy, with another man! I was a very bad girl last night, I know you’re shocked right! I love to make a man, envy another man and that’s exactly what I did. So I had Bobby, one of my toys tell me his ultimate fantasy, then made him watch while I did it with another man. He should have known I would do something like that, in fact, I think that’s why he was so eager to tell me about his naughty fantasy. Bobby loves being a cuckold, he loves to be made to feel useless and forced to watch while I’m with another man.

Bobby told me how much he wanted to have a golden shower, to have a beautiful woman like me, squatting over his face and pissing in his mouth. I listened as he told me every little detail, remembering them and when he was done talking, I said I could do what he wanted… but I would only do it while he watched. He looked disappointed, but at the same time he couldn’t hide the bulge in his pants and I knew the idea excited him. So that’s when I invited Alex over and had Bobby get me ready, well actually I made him my fluffer.

He undressed me and got me several glasses of ice cold water to drink.

I asked him if he thought Alex was going to like the golden shower I was going to give him and Bobby said he’d probably like anything I’d give him. Then I held my glass out to him and told him to fill it up again, I wanted Alex to drink as much of my piss as he could. I let Bobby touch my bladder, as it got fuller and started to pop out. “Feel how full I am?” I asked and he nodded. “I have so much in me, I can feel it moving around.” I led Bobby’s hand to my pussy and let a drop leak out. It hurt a bit to stop the flow, but I did it anyway, just to tease Bobby.

Bobby rubbed his fingers, covering them with the drop of liquid, tasted it and looked up excitedly, as the doorbell rang. He answered it and showed Alex the bedroom. I made Bobby sit in a chair by the bed, as began to undress Alex. I took my time, running my hands over his body and telling him how hot he was and how wet he made my pussy. Then I groaned as my bladder spasmed and told him how full I was, I just had to piss really bad. He grabbed my arm and got on the bed, pulling me down. I straddled his face and put my pussy over his mouth.

I felt his tongue flicker over my outer lips and push inside. So I got wet really wet but really needed to piss. “Open your mouth wide.”, I said and let go, filling his mouth with my piss. He drank it down and I groaned and moaned with immediate relief.

When I was done I climbed off Alex and looked down, his dick was rock hard. “Was I tasty?” I asked him and leaned over, kissing him on the lips.

I could taste myself on him and I moaned, licking my lips clean. “Mmm, I taste really good.” I looked over at Bobby and said “Too bad you can’t try it.” and moved down the bed, straddling Alex’s waist. I looked at Bobby’s dick as I slid down on Alex and said: “You can jerk off if you want because you won’t be getting me tonight.” Right then, Alex filled me and I started to ride him while Bobby watched us. Little did I know that Bobby and Alex had a deviously delicious plan up their own sleeves!

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