My BFF and I love to hang out in bars and clubs and drink and dance the night away. We found a really hot club on the rough side of town that was full of booze and bad boys. We loved it. We played pool with a couple of husky looking truck drivers. The smell of whiskey on their breath made my nipples rock hard. There’s nothing like sex with a whiskey drinking man. They like to get down and dirty. The big guy was hitting on me hard because he loved my big tits and the other guy was hitting on my girl because  he liked her long sexy legs. I asked the big guy what his name was and he said, “Rex”. I laughed and said, “Mmm…it rhymes with sex” and he smiled and said, “And that’s just what I want to do with your sexy, fine ass woman”. Then he leaned over my body and helped me guide my pool stick and drive one in the hole all the while he was rubbing that rock hard cock up against my ass. I was getting so wet so I said to my girl and the guys, “Let’s get outta here and head on over to my place.” They leaped in their pickup truck and followed us in my red sports car all the way home. When we got to my house I pulled out a deck of cards and said, ” A little strip poker anyone?”  “Hell yea”, Rex screamed.

I was the dealer but it seemed I kept getting the low card. So off with my blouse and off with my skirt. Then my girl lost a hand and she just took off her dress. She was standing there with nothing but a thong and her stiletto heels. Next Rex got the low card and his shirt was on the floor. His hillbilly friend lost the next round and took off his overalls. I lost again so the bra came off and my tits rolled out and blew everybody away. Rex lost again and couldn’t wait to take off his jeans so that I could see how big that bulge was in his boxer’s. I lost again and Rex went crazy and ripped my panties off with his teeth. He started eating my pussy right there in front of my BFF and his hillbilly side kick. His tongue was so long and wet my pussy started dripping wet juice all down his throat. I grabbed his cock and bent over doggy style and swallowed the hole thing in my mouth. It was so big and so tasty. Like a cave man, Rex picked me up and slapped me on my ass and threw me on my sofa and rammed that huge cock inside my pussy and fucked the hell out of me. When I came up for air and looked over my shoulder I saw my girl and the hillbilly dude fucking on the floor while watching me and Rex slamming it hard. That turned me and Rex on even harder so I turned over on all fours so Rex could punish my ass.

That was the best poker game I ever lost. 🙂

written by GENIE 888 643- 2055

Genie 888-643-2055
Genie 888-643-2055

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