My young little body is up for grabs for any of daddy’s friends. I was a bad little girl, and the biggest catch to this little sluts punishment is that I am not allowed to cum. Knowing if I did Id have to go back through My Grandparent Slut Training and That I did not want to do!


My daddy stands in the corner, with his arms crossed, ready to make sure I take everything thrown at me. His 3 friends stand before me, with throbbing cocks out ready to make my little painslut pussy feel amazing. Not cumming is going to be really hard. I can see them twitching for me as they shove me down on the ground. I look into daddy’s eyes while they cram their cocks in my mouth two at a time.

Daddy just looks annoyed. Like he doesn’t even care how hard they are fucking my tight little throat. I want to play with my tiny pussy so fucking bad, but I know it will just bring me closer to coming and leave me with a harder choice later, during the highest point of the little sluts punishment. One of the men sits down and makes me mount him. I have a cock in both of my small little hands when he slips his dick right inside me. I can feel him stretching me out while he goes all the way in, balls deep. My heart races as I scream out for daddy, one cock sliding in my mouth in response and quieting me.


I bounce and bounce until this pussy feels like it’s going to cream then I try to stop but the man puts his big hands on my shoulders and keeps forcing me down. “Stop,” I yell. Or I will cum, but I can’t talk with the cock buried in my throat. I scream out around the cock and orgasm all over the man, knowing daddy is going to be so mad at me. Such a filthy little slut for daddy. I can’t help but cum all over the big cock slamming inside me.


Daddy comes over to me, pulling me off the man and manhandling my tits. He is so mad. He rips at his clothes and pulls his pants down. “If you want to not follow the rules, you can handle the consequences” he yells as he bends me over the guy’s lap. My face slaps up against his creamy cock and makes my face all sticky while daddy gets behind me. I can feel his cock pushing against my little asshole as I try to squirm away.

I yell out when he pushes inside me. My little asshole is too small for his big cock and I can feel him tearing me apart. He pumps his dick as deep as he can inside me while I beg for daddy to stop. Eventually, I feel his knot up, and cum deep inside my little ass as he tosses me to the floor, explaining that I am fuck meat for his friends now. I watch him walk away as they stand with full erections, ready for round two. This little sluts punishment left me hurting and getting more anyways.

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