Sissy Boy panties down around his ankles.

Those better not be my panties.

Look at your little cock just hanging there and that little set of balls, no bigger than two grapes. I think you need to put on your pink panties with the leopard skin waistband in order to hide that poor excuse for a cock.  You little sissy boy. How cute!

You’ve been in the bathroom way too long.  I stand at the door and listen to see if I can hear what the sissy boy is doing.  Moans and groans, just like a girl is what I hear.  I can’t help but open the door.  And there you sit on the toilet with your panties down around your ankles and playing with your little cock.  I can’t help but stand there and laugh at you.

Standing up from the toilet and bending over while you take a big dildo out of the vanity draw, and to you beg me to fuck you.  Typical sissy boy but I tell you that I want to see you suck on the dildo before I fuck you.  So I walk around you and hold the dildo against me, just like I have a cock.  And I tell you to suck on it just like a good little sissy boy cock sucker.  I laugh my most devious laugh I can muster.

Watching you suck that dildo was starting to get me excited.  I find myself wanting to fuck you, pulling the dildo out of your mouth and telling you to turn around so I can fuck you like a little sissy boy Bitch your ass is gaping wide open.  So I stick the dildo in your ass and start fucking you this is very fun and exciting me to the point of my pussy starting to get wet.  I look down and notice your pink panties still around your ankles.

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