You’re a Little Sissy Bitch, Aren’t You?

I know you’re an undercover little sissy bitch, of course! You secretly want to dress in women’s clothes and get all dolled up. Then you want to get fucked in the ass, don’t you? I knew it! You really are a pathetic little bitch. Well, you’re in luck because I love giving guys the ultimate sissification treatment. I get off on it actually. So, let’s get you all pretty for your grand reveal. By the way, little sissy bitch, I have a huge surprise at the end of this for you. You’ll just have to wait and see what it is. 

Your Sissification Treatment

First, let’s get you out of those manly clothes. I know you hate wearing them. Now let’s shave all this hair off your body. Yes, I mean every single body hair! I want your skin to be silky smooth. Yes, you can admire yourself naked in the mirror now that you’re all shaved. I see you’re turning yourself on. But, the next step is to get into these sheer thigh-high stockings with the cute little bows at the top. Now get into this cute little pink dress. Perfect, you look like such a little sissy bitch. But, now it’s time for the blonde wig and make-up. 

You love getting pretty, don’t you? Now that the final product is complete I’ll let you stand in front of the mirror, lift your dress, and jerk your cock. I watch as you jizz all over the mirror just looking at your girly self. 

Now you have some homework to prove that you’re a little sissy bitch. All this week you are to wear these sexy stockings underneath your work clothes. And if you don’t, then you don’t get your surprise. I need you to Facetime me every day while you’re at work to prove to me that you are wearing them. You’ll go into the bathroom and take down your pants to show me the stockings.  

Ok… you’ve been so good and completed your homework for the week that you deserve your surprise. The final test is to get all dolled up at home just the way we did before and drive to my house. Once you’re here you’ll get your surprise. 

Your Surprise

You show up at my house looking like a little sissy bitch and I let you in. The first thing you see is a tall, muscular naked black guy. Your eyes go directly to his huge anaconda cock and your mouth drops open. That’s right, you’re going to get your first ass fucking from a BBC. 

He orders you to get on your knees in front of him and without being told, you start sucking on his huge cock. You even suck on his big black balls too. You do such a good job and get that cock hard as a rock. Now he orders you to get on all fours and lift that pretty dress. You do as you’re told and offer up your ass to him. He doesn’t take it easy just because it’s your first time. Your ass is so raw and torn up. Yet, you begged for more and you even cleaned his cock after. 


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