My First Time as a Little Sex Pet

I once worked as a secretary in a very professional office. But what I quickly learned was that what the boss really wanted from me was nothing professional at all. He wanted me to be his little sex pet. You’ve heard of the teacher’s pet, I’m sure. Well, he wanted me to be the boss’ pet. That meant he wanted me to be available to him sexually anytime he was in the mood. I knew I couldn’t say no or I would be fired. He never actually said that but it was implied with his total domination over me. He set the tone right from the interview. It was the first time I was someone’s little sex pet but it definitely wouldn’t be the last. 

My Interview

For my interview, I wore a tight black dress that showed just a little bit of cleavage. I figured it couldn’t hurt to show off all my assets. Well, it paid off just like I thought it would. As he interviewed me, my future boss couldn’t take his eyes away from my huge tits. That’s when I knew I had the job. He told me that I would be required to do a lot of unconventional duties but the salary he offered was too good to pass up. Once I said I would take the job, he gave me my first task as his little sex pet. 

My boss told me to strip naked. He didn’t ask, he demanded. It turned me on to be under his control. So I stood and unzipped my black dress then stepped out of it. Then I took off my black lace bra and panties too. He just sat back in his chair and watched his new little sex pet obey his every command. I saw a huge bulge in his pants as I spun around to give him a good look. Suddenly, he approached me, picked me up, and put me on his desk. Then he whipped out his huge cock and fucked me so hard. He really loved my juicy pussy squirting skills! 

Little Sex Pet Duties

I had regular office duties but as soon as my boss called me into his office I had to drop everything to be his little sex pet. And I was a good little sex pet! I wore the sexiest outfits and lingerie to work every day to be the best I could be for him. We fucked in his office every day and sometimes multiple times a day. He just couldn’t get enough of me. And honestly, I loved his huge cock!  

My favorite day was when he was so busy we didn’t have time to fuck. So, he had me hide under his desk and suck his dick all day. He took phone calls with his cock in my mouth and even had meetings with his staff. They had no idea I was sucking his cock the whole time! I swallowed so many of his loads that day. I loved being his little sex pet so much, I’d totally do it again. 


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