The Little Mermaid, Part I: A Fairy Tale of Pain and Sadistic Torture

Pain and sadistic torture ­– sometimes spicing things up in the bedroom in the most unusual ways can be quite the experience! Have you ever walked that fine line between pleasure and pain? Or maybe pain that leads to extreme pleasure and an intense orgasm (or many more)? If you read some of my forced sex stories, you’ll see that I can be quite the evil, conniving  bitch! Perhaps this torturous take on The Little Mermaid will set you in the right mood? Let’s get started, shall we?

For the first time in her life, Vanessa felt slightly threatened. It wasn’t something she experienced often. She was the prince’s favorite, after all, amongst dozens of other eligible female contenders. Not to mention he thought her to be the one who had saved his life. However, little red-haired Ariel was a problem, albeit one that would be easy to heal with.

“Dear Prince,” the royal counselor announced. “I now present you the mysterious and unknown Lady Ariel from Atlantica.”

There was a rouse of applause as Ariel gingerly stepped forward with an awkward gait. While others seemed captivated, Vanessa sneered. She knew just how much pain little Ariel was experiencing with each step. A thousand glass shards pierced her feet every time.

It was a good thing Vanessa wore a long evening gown of satin. Juices had begun flowing down her legs at the sight of Ariel trying so hard to keep a smile upon her pretty face.

The sight made Vanessa broaden her grin, enjoying the sadistic torture she was bestowing upon the little mermaid who had traded her tail for a set of human legs. She chuckled once again at her handiwork.

Thankfully, this was only a public presentation. But Ariel had requested a private audience afterward and the prince had obliged her. They were scheduled to meet in an hour, and there was no time to lose. Vanessa followed the prince to his room.

He smiled with excitement. “My Lady, what brings you here?” he asked.

 Picturing Ariel again, without her tail and tongue, and walking in excruciating pain, made her almost laugh. What was bringing her to the prince’s chambers? Perhaps a bit of sadistic torture would ensure she remained his favorite?

She turned around and spread the slit of her dress, revealing her naked, creamy thigh. “I’m here to teach you a lesson, Your Highness.”

The prince came rushing forwards, staring intently at the skin she exposed. Just as he got near, she pulled his hair back and slammed his balls with her palm. She breathed a little heavier, juices from her cunt now dripping on her heel. The prince’s wince drew a wry smile from her and she pushed harder to increase the pain, before slowly letting go.

“Will His Highness not clean up my shoe?” she asked, feeling muscular spasms leading to a bout of pleasure beginning to intensify.

The prince didn’t have to be asked twice. However, upon kneeling on the floor and licking her shoe she stepped on his hand so hard that it drew blood.

“Remember, Your Highness, that it was I, Vanessa who saved you from drowning,” she spoke. That was a lie, but he didn’t know any better. She began massaging his balls. They were full, and it seemed they kept getting fuller by the second. “So you will do as I say. Tell that girl that you do not have anything to say to her and hand her over to me.”

No one in the kingdom knew it, but in reality, the prince was a big sissy who was easily bossed around, especially when it came to a seductive, beautiful lady such as Vanessa.

“Your wishes are my command, my Lady,” the prince agreed with a dazed smile as  his cock twitched again in need of release.

“Good,” Vanessa smiled, allowing the prince to suck on her thigh, her mind churning with plans of the sadistic torture that she would inflict on Ariel. How dare she try to obtain an audience with the prince!

Keep tuned for part II of my sadistic torture tale of The Little Mermaid! And in the meantime, call me at 1-888-413-5974 for a bit of a pain & pleasure phone sex session!