Little Irish Dicks

Little Irish Dicks – yeah I saw a few of these today. I actually saw 3 little Irish Dicks while I was having a glass of wine on my porch. I was taking a break on the computer relaxing outside. Then I was debating to go to the Irish Pub up the street for a Guinness on St Patrick’s Day. I saw some rowdy guys coming out of the pub, walking down my block.

They were stumbling and falling over each other. One guy looked up at me and whispered to the others. It didn’t take long for them to start to shout to me how hot I was and what they would do to me. They were cute clean-cut boys with Irish accents. “Where are you guys from?” I asked.

They responded that they were from Dublin. They were here for spring break and staying at the youth hostel a few blocks away. So they slowly came closer to me. “NYC girls are so fucking hot! You are hotter than any girl in Dublin!” One guy said slurring his words.

I am a sucker for an accent so I smiled and thanked him. “I bet you get a lot of big black cock”. Another blurted out. “I get my share.” I answered. “Do you guys have little Irish dicks?” I asked.

“Yeah!” the third blurted out. “Wanna see our little Irish dicks?”

“Sure, why not,” I said. They all proudly pulled down their pants to reveal some white little dicks, for sure.

“Are you guys even hard?” I asked. They laughed and started stroking and pulling their cocks, attempting to make them bigger. They were so wasted and giggly- they even grabbed each other’s dick trying to make them bigger.

“Oh God, let me help.” I reached down and grabbed one of their tiny white cocks and stroked it. Just as I started working my magic, all three guys came all over their pants. I laughed and wished them a happy St Patrick Day. I wonder if they ever made it home.

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