I had an interesting but very sexy call last night.  A guy totally new to guided masturbation. We will call him Dick.  Dick was in his office when he called to hear my angel voice.  When I greeted him he was almost in a whisper.   He told me that he could not talk very loud or say too much because he was still stuck at the office.  But hearing my voice and fantasizing about a blog I wrote last week really had his cock going wild.

I knew that Dick really wouldn’t have been  able to say much.  So I told him to sit back and close his eyes.  I wanted him to imagine me sitting there across the room.  With my fingers in my panties.  Making my pussy so wet that you could see the wetness leaking through my pink lace.   I wanted him to gently rub his cock.  Almost stroking it with the tip of his fingers as if  it were me teasing his cock with my moist tongue.   I asked him to imagine my tits caressing themselves against his pulsating cock.  Feeling them stroke it as he jerked to orgasm.  Letting my tongue,  his hand, my tits and of course a little bit of imagination to give him the wettest phone fuck he had ever had.