I Was Her Little Fuck Slave.

I have been such a naughty girl. So horny that my pussy is dripping wet. It is my Birthday weekend so I thought it might be a good idea to work. I had a caller who made me so horny that I had to call a fuck buddy over after the call. I was horny and wanted more! So I have this sweet piece of ass that I call over. She is a lesbian, and I take full advantage of that fuck slave.

She came over to just spend the night. Right before bed I stripped down, bet over, and started to beg her to fuck me. She said, “Fuck yes!” and started to finger fuck me better than anyone ever has. She then went to her car, I laid there waiting for her, then she came back with some rope.

She told me I was going to be her good little fuck slave and started to tie me up. Starting with my neck, then my boobs, then she ran the rope between my pussy and up my ass. Every move I made the ropes got tighter, or ran against my clit. Then she pulled out a very large strap on. I begged for her to stick it in my ass. I love having my ass fucked. When I begged for it she pulled the rope tighter and told me that I am not allowed to ask for anything. She was the Mistress and I will do what she says, and cum when she says.

I was moaning and so wet. She had my legs tied almost all the way to my head. My pussy was fully exposed. Then she just started fucking me so hard that I started to scream and once again  beg for her to please fuck my ass. She grabbed the rope and spanked my ass so hard that it is still red, “Are you telling your Mistress what to do? You need to be a good little bitch!” I started to say how sorry I was,  but she spanked that ass again and I screamed because it hurt to bad. But I kept begging for more.

I was just about to cum, but she told me I have to wait. So she left and did not let me cum. But she is coming over today. Give me a call and I will tell you how it all went! 😉

I cant wait to be her little fuck slave all weekend! *giggles* It’s my birthday on monday so she is going to make me cum so hard that I wont even be able to walk! She said she is bringing a few friends over! I hope I get gang banged for my birthday!

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