Want to hear about the new service I’m offering for all the wives with little dick husbands like you?

Six months ago, I lived in a high-rise. I had an unlimited amount of fun, with no bothersome neighbors. Then my job brought me to the suburbs in the next town over. Soon I learned that my nosy prude neighbors are a pain in the ass, thinking I wanted to fuck their little dick husbands. The BBC squads that visited my house all day long was a problem for them. Remember that 8-9 cocks a day is a bad day for my horny pussy, so I have many visitors to keep it happy. The housewives consistently called the police about noise, parking, and crowd size. I put that to bed by fucking the cop and making him a fan. While it is not my nature to compromise, I decided to extend an olive branch to the housewives.

I showed up to their weekly coffee. All the women stared when I walked in. I said, “I know you hate fucking your little dick husbands. I do too, their dicks are small, and they cum in less than a minute. If you stop harassing me, I will solve your problems. You can come to my house with them, and I will show you how to milk their prostates and treat them like the bitches they are. They will cum, you will have control, and you will not have to pretend you like fucking them.” I started to walk out when one said, “wait, are you serious?” I told them to bring their husbands over with shaved asses and cocks on Saturday morning.

I told the women that they should wear short skirts with no panties, and sexy tops with no bra.

On Saturday morning, I borrowed a twinkie pet from my best friend and set him up on his hands and knees on my sex chaise. The couples started streaming in at 10:00 AM. I had juice and pastries for the ladies, nothing for the men. One of the wives had a very hairy pussy, and I asked her to sit at the top of the chaise and handed her a glass. I told the twinkie boy to eat her pussy. I love making gay men eat cunt.

Then, I spit on the boy’s ass and stuck my fingers in my pussy. I pulled those cunt-soaked fingers out and showed the ladies how to insert them into their partners’ asses. I showed them how to push their fingers in while rotating their wrists. Then I showed them where the prostate gland was. They watched while I used my fingers to squeeze and pump the boy’s gland. They loved that they did not even have to touch their useless husbands’ cocks.

As the twinkie boy was about to cum, I asked the wife he was licking to put the glass under his cock.

Within minutes it was filled with his cum, and everyone watched while he drank it. I spent the rest of the morning working with each wife. They got to decide what other man was going to drink their husband’s cum. Watching the humiliation, as each husband swallowed another man’s cum, led to a nice pussy eating daisy chain! In the next installment, I will cover how I taught the men to take care of each other and how I introduced the wives to the world of BBC.

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke