You Know You’re Only Good For Little Dick Humiliation, Don’t You?

It’s so amusing that you think you could have any use other than little dick humiliation. Have you glanced between your thighs lately? You don’t strike me as the delusional type. That is literally the tiniest, most useless, microscopic dick I’ve ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on. I swear to god there should be a permanent tattoo emblazoned across little dick loser foreheads so women don’t waste their time. But, do you want to know a secret, loser? Women like me can immediately tell when men are pretenders and deserve little dick humiliation.

There’s no bulge in the front of your pants. Real men have very noticeable bulges even when they’re soft. You don’t know anything about that though do you? Strip down and put these pink panties on. Well, what a surprise, you fit inside of them perfectly! Your little pathetic little dick humiliation tic tac doesn’t even stick out the tiniest bit. You’re no longer allowed to wear mens underwear. Stop pretending and admit the truth, you aren’t a real man. You’re a little dick loser and a complete sissy bitch.

Are you a pathetic, chronic masturbating little dick humiliation hand humper? Of course you are. There’s no way for you to jerk your dick because it’s so tiny. You rub it between two fingers, but you would have more luck with a pair of tweezers. Hmm, what could I add to make this even more humiliating for you? Grab that tube of bright pink lipstick and lay it on thick. You are going to perform tonight for me and several of my friends. Climb up on the table and let us see you wriggle those pathetic hips of yours.

There’s a big black dildo waiting to be the perfect prop.

What did you think the lipstick was for, loser? Choke on it, open it wide and make every single inch of it disappear. Of course, we’re laughing at you, this is the most disgusting, hilarious thing that we’ve ever seen. Don’t you dare touch that little nubbin? It’s only purpose is for little dick humiliation. So, the only way that you’re allowed to touch it is if you jerk it with the tweezers! Is that a little repulsive drop of excitement staining the front of your pink panties? It makes sense I suppose.

Every time you’ve ever undressed in front of a woman she’s burst out in laughter. It’s only natural that you start to get stiff when you hear the sound of a woman’s laughter. Your little dick humiliation show isn’t even close to being over though. Why am I making you shove that dildo so far down the back of your throat? Well, loser did you notice the suction cup on the base of that big black cock? That’s right, you’re going to sit on it now. Push it down on the middle of the table and get ready to bounce.

Pull your thong to the side and slide down on it, and slip into these pink stilettos while you’re at it. Now that you’ve left your lipstick smeared all over that big black dick, it’s time to ramp your little dick humiliation session up and really make you squirm with embarrassment. It’s not kinky strap on sex but it’s close enough! Grab those tweezers and rub away while you bounce and make a big mess in those pink panties.

Call me when you’re aching for some kinky milf phone sex.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke