My little cum dump calls me Mistress.

His name is Charles, but I hardly ever call him that. I call him degrading names like my cleanup boy and little cum dump. He knows I own his mind, body, and wallet. My little cum dump caters to my every demand because I deserve everything. I started the morning with a delightful breakfast, prepared by non-other than my little cum dump, of course. At the same time, he did his duty and cleaned the kitchen. I left all the household chores for him. In the meantime, I went out to the salon for a well-deserved pedicure. Paid for, courtesy of my pet.

When I arrived home, my little cum dump was there waiting in anticipation.

I order my pathetic loser to the floor and have him suck each one of my pretty pampered toes. I slap his face with my foot, just for fun, and send him to fetch my stilettos I got today while I was out, like a good boy. He paid for them, so I decide to let him enjoy them a little. As I slip them on, he put his hand on that tiny tot cock at the sight of my lovely black “come fuck me” heels.

“Stop touching yourself, fuck boy!” I barked.

He stopped, pulled his hand from his shortcomings, kissed my feet, and ran off to the kitchen to make me a cocktail. Of course, I complained as to the quality and sent him back several times to remake it. The drink was fine, but I love to torment my little cum dump to the fullest.

After finishing my drink, the knock on the door put my pet in suspense.

My lover, Dexter, who possesses a huge 12-inch black bull cock was here. I made my little cum dump answer the door. He sat like a well-behaved puppy at the foot of the bed and watched. Waiting unbelievably impatient for his turn to be my BBC cum dump. I didn’t allow him to touch his little 4-inch cock at all. Facing the loser, I rode that big, fat black cock and loved it. I make my man-slut crawl over and eat my ass while I was sliding up and down, Dexter’s manly meat stick, and he complied quickly. I grabbed his hair and pushed his face inside my fat ass. He wasn’t licking my hole deep enough, so I slapped his bewildered face a few times until he got it right. As I yelled, “Lick it good, you stupid slut!” Each time I did so, he thanked me profusely.

Dexter was getting ready to cum.

So, I told my pet to get his tongue ready to be my little cum dump. He nodded in contempt but knew he better obey or risk punishment. This was not his first time being my clean up boy, and he had turned out to be a real spunk loving whore. Just for my own twisted pleasure, I pushed the loser’s face away from me a few times as he greedily tried to bury his face into my pussy for more of that creamy jizz.

“Please, Mistress! Please let me clean the tasty bull cum out of your beautiful pussy!” he begged. I laughed at how pathetic he was and backhanded his face before I allowed him the privilege of cleaning up my cunt. He did an excellent job and got his fill of dick cream.

Unfortunately for my little cum dump, I have grown quite bored with his intolerable behavior. I am looking for my next little submissive and obedient cum dump, and I believe that can be you. 

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