His hands are all over my body, somehow everywhere at once.

That’s how it feels. I’m sure that’s how it looks. I know you’re there, my little cuck slave, watching! Those eyes eagerly communicating a blend of sheer exhilaration, fear, and arousal to anyone bothered to look. Neither me nor my bull pay you any mind. His eyes, fingers, and mouth delight in my clamped tits. Rose pink nipples beautifully trapped and offered up like the sensitive treats they are, for only him. His other hand roams to cup underneath a voluptuous breast. Letting out an aggressively horny growl, he explores further south.

Fingers, slowly traveling down my narrow waist down to my flared hips.

His rounded fingertips grip my ass in a surge of want. Then with a sudden dominant push, he spreads my legs, his hand seeking out the wetness he knows he’s inspired. In part, thanks to his masculine body and the current attention to my clamped nipples. No, we’re not looking at you. But we know you’re there. My little cuck slave, matching our lust-filled shallow breaths, sensing every tingle of intimate nerve-endings.

We’re totally lost in each other, our bodies, and the moment.

We would sink into each other completely, but instead choose to enjoy your teasing torment as part of tonight’s erotic foreplay. It’s so fucking hot to know you’re so teased, turned on, and so completely unable to do anything about it. My little cuck slave, forced to watch, by me, in the posture collar, as you suffer on all fours. You continuously feel your aching need seep and drip between the metal bars to the floor beneath. You know that all you have to look forward to is more scenes which incense you with deep, painful surges of arousal and almost overwhelming waves of jealousy. Oh, and thick, hot shame.

Yes, I know you’re jealous, my little cuck slave.

Jealous that my lover is the one who gets to touch me, taste me, fuck me, and whenever he damn well pleases. Every inch the Alpha male Dominating me, your Mistress, bending me to his will, his desires. In contrast, you’re there lock in my chastity cage on all fours. A sissified, plugged little cuck slave who dreams of pleasing Mistress by begging to taste her pussy, from the cock of her real man. Sucking him clean after he fills me with his cream. My bull, who gets hard for me and stays rigid, even after a multiple orgasmic fuck session. He’ll still be rock hard and ready to blow when he’s getting your slutty, eager little cuck slave mouth.

But for now, you only get to watch.

Your nervous but undeniably needy. The unspoken contract between a real man and little cuck slave is apparent, to none more than yourself. He plays my body like his personal intermittent; I can’t contain the urgent moans and hard sucks escaping my lips as he caresses my pinched nipples and need-slicked cunt. Expertly drawn to my exposed, erect clit, his finger pinch and toy with it. He turns me into his fuck toy, and you get to watch it unfold. You’ll see every writhe of my hot, glistening body under his attentions and every inch of his glorious cock disappearing between my plump lips.

My eyes meet yours, little cuck slave eyes, as I deep-throat him in 69.

His tongue precisely where you endlessly wish yours could be, but don’t worry, my little cuck slave, you’ll get to clean up after all his man jizz is deep inside me. His cock exactly where you wish yours were allowed. A kinky, twisted idea comes over me if you had anything more than an undersized sissy clit, and it was attached to a real man, not my little cuck slave, this might be so much different. My eyes mock you as I moan on his amazing cock deep in my throat, swallowing on his tip and feeling the first spasms of his orgasmic tide before it shoots thick, hot ribbons down my throat. Blinding my little cuck slave with envy. And when I finally leave my post-orgasmic haze, it will be to witness him using you as nature intended… as nothing more than a real man’s whorish little cum rag.

Bring me all those little cuckold slave clitties to downgrade and own with my wickedly delicious tongue lashing, with humiliation phone sex. That little dicklet will crave this deviant Mistress.