The kinky little cousin Part 1

I loved visiting my aunt and uncle when I was a little girl. They had a son, Jake, who was ten years older than me. He didn’t pay me any attention until one day when he was about 15. Our parents had gone out and Jake was supposed to look after me. Instead, he handed me a doll then went to watch TV. I got bored and went over to Jake to try and get him to play but he just ignored his little cousin.

I was a persistent little thing and climbed onto his lap. Rested against him and tried to watch whatever stupid movie he had on, probably something about exploding cars. His legs were digging into me so I moved around trying to get comfortable. I heard him moan and thought I’d hurt him so I moved a bit slower and felt something hard starting to press against me. Then I felt Jake push up and I moved forward so I could look around at him. I put my hand on the hard thing and asked him what it was. He told me that he’d show me but only if I promised not to tell anyone. I told him I wouldn’t and he slid me off his lap.

     He stood up and undid his jeans, pushing them down. His dick stood straight up and I was shocked that it was so big.

I asked him if it hurt and he told me it did but that I could make it better if I put it in my mouth. I didn’t think it would fit but I wanted to make him feel better so I put my hand around it and put my mouth over it. It tasted weird and I could only get a bit in. He told me to move my head back and forth so I could suck it.

Doing what I do best and being a little cousin tease, guess you will have to come back or call me for part 2 🙂

Phone Sex!