Little Brother Loves Panties

What did I do when I caught my little brother in a pair of my panties?  I had some fun with him, of course!  He looked so cute sitting there, eyes closed, playing with his little penis.  His hands were working hard to stoke his little dick.  I had no idea my little brother was such a pervert, but you all know how much fun I have with perverts!  I decided to sneak up and give him the thrill of his life!

He was engrossed in his jerking off he didn’t even hear me sneaking up next to him.  As I sat on the edge of the bed, he jumped up trying to pull the covers over himself.  i couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at the sight of his embarrassment.  I yanked the covers away and told him to continue.  I told him how cute he looked in a pair of bright purple panties and how badly I wanted to see his little dick at work.   Oddly enough, his micro penis remained hard.

 This sick little fuck liked to be laughed at!

I sat there watching, coaching him on how to play with his weenie.  You could say we engaged in a bit of humiliation guided masturbation.  I really just wanted to see if that little thing even worked.  He kept rubbing through the panties, feeling the smooth material brushing against his dick.  His cheeks were flushed and his breathing became heavy.  As my laugh grew harder, he stroked faster.  He was seriously loving every second of it!

Just like that he let out a loud grunt.  My panties started to darken as his cum flooded them.  What a big load for such a little dick!  Who knew his baby penis could produce so much cum?  Finally, I ordered him to take off my panties and suck them clean.  He really is such a good little brother.

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