What Is A Brat?

“I don’t go giggles and grins,  Brat Victoria, so grow the fuck up.” My voice was calm, controlled, and concealing my annoyance at the brat sitting cross-legged on the couch in front of me. Sexy, playful, and one of my favorite subs, Victoria did have a brat streak in her that had to be understood and controlled, to be sure. I had turned to a few long-time Doms for advice. Here is what I learned about the Phone Sex Kingdom’s sexiest sub in the process.

Brats have a relatively limited repertoire available to them, but unfortunately, Victoria seems to have gotten her sweet little fingers on the entire fucking playbook. I don’t know how many times I have had to cane her tight, tanned ass for inciting me. “Is that the best you’ve got?” is my least favorite button-pusher. I fight the urge to punish excessively whenever she throws this one out. Other of her favorites are “Good boy” and the use of her pet name for me with that fucking grin that makes me reach for the cane. The worst part? She can keep this up for hours, which wears down my patience to a thin thread.

Unfortunately for me, Victoria is a master of coy silence and puppy eyes.

which is tough given that her eyes are truly one of her sexiest features. But when bratty Victoria surfaces and those eyes open wide, and the pout begins, I know that trouble is not far behind. Whatever my cock says in those moments, my brain knows better. Silence and puppy eyes are distractions from the storm that is about to hit.
Thankfully, Victoria is not much of a prank brat. I have heard horror stories from Dom’s friends about shoelaces tied together, or sugar cut with E-Lax. She might be a brat, but at least she has not stooped to this silliness… yet.
But loopholes are a different matter. Victoria loves trying to top me with her loophole game. If I tell her to make me a coffee, she will make it perfectly, right to my liking. And leave it on the kitchen counter, undelivered. When I tell her to behave herself, she bats those fucking bedroom eyes, and replies “I am… I am behaving badly.” Tell her more directly, to “Be good,” and I get the coy “I am being good… at being bad.” Followed inevitably by a fucking giggle or grin.

Rather than going nuts when bratty Victoria bares her sexy claws.

I think more in terms of reestablishing control in more pleasurable ways. Punishment rather than punishment is my motto for the brat Vic. She loves spanking, of course. What sub doesn’t? Paddle, cane, or bare hand all work equally well for Victoria, and my cock loves the wake-up call that a good paddling of the sweetest ass in the Kingdom brings.
Getting more inventive, I have turned during recent brat trials to a couple of very enjoyable (for me, at least) techniques. Orgasm counting has been a great success. I order the brat to make herself cum (sometimes with her fingers, sometimes with a toy, sometimes with my fingers) and we count them together… 1, 2, 3, 4… all the way to 10, by which point she is either exhausted or I am so fucking hard that I simply pound the brattiness out of her. Fail to count, or count too slowly, and we go back to one, bratty girl.

Better still is orgasm denial.

Victoria is pretty vocal, and knowing when she is almost ready to tip into a cum wave or two is quite easy after a few times together, so I love to use her favorite toy (or if I am really horny my favorite toy!) to bring her right to the point of explosion, then pulling off. The more frustrated she has made me with her brat behavior, the more frustrated I make her. Fair is fair, my little brat slut, to in-and-out we go until you learn your lesson well. Try it some time. It is pure fun for you, and pure torture to that brat that emerges every so often.
One key to dealing with brat Victoria: never let her set your punishment for her annoying brat behavior as a hard limit. They are not, and will never be. Like all my girls, Victoria is mine a finger snap. And no amount of brat behavior is going to change that. Ever.
Your Little Brat

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke