List of Fetishes – Volume X #91-103

* Trichophilia – A week or two after my Brazilian Waxes, when my hair starts to grow back and it makes my pussy super itchy and sensitive. What starts out as a simple scratch turns into really rough pussy rubbing/scratching which leads to some of my strongest orgasms.  Afterwards I am left with a swollen red rubbed raw cunt. LOL that’s a tongue twister. J

We finally made it to the end! We are down to the last 13 on our list of 103 recognized Fetishes.  Remember we have Sexy Sassy Ladies that specialize in every single Fetish. My Personal Favorites happen to be listed below. Let’s see who’s been a good student.

91 Teratophilia Deformed or monstrous people
92 Toucherism Touching an unsuspecting, non-consenting person with the hand
93 Toxophilia Archery
94 Transvestic fetishism Wearing clothes associated with the opposite sex; also known as transvestism
95 Transvestophilia A transvestite sexual partner
96 Trichophilia Hair*
97 Troilism Cuckoldism, watching one’s partner have sex with someone else, possibly without the third party’s knowledge**
98 Urolagnia Urination, particularly in public, on others, and/or being urinated on. Also referred to as “water sports”***
99 Vorarephilia The idea of one person or creature eating or being eaten by another; usually swallowed whole, in one piece; also known as vore
100 Voyeurism Watching others while naked or having sex, generally without their knowledge; also known as scopophilia or scoptophilia****
101 Wet and messy fetishism Messy situations, including, but not limited to, being pied, gunged or covered in mud*****
102 Zoophilia Animals******
103 Zoosadism Inflicting pain on or seeing animals in pain


List of Fetishes that Cream my Panties

** Troilism – So many of my callers have this ultimate fantasy of watching their wives/partners getting fucked by someone else. At first it was not something that really grabbed my attention but now its one of my ultimate fantasies. Future Husband be warned!

*** UrolagniaGuilty as charged! Pee on my clit, watch me squirt.

**** Voyeurism – I love the Idea of hidden cameras. I love hot passionate, dirty live sex that is not staged. I once hid a camera in my brother’s room and saw him jerk off soooooo many times. And I love it!

***** Wet and messy fetishism- Fuck me while we mud wrestle.

****** Zoophilia- You know who you are! You make me pour cream on my pussy while my kitty licks it clean.


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