The Complete List of Fetishes- Volume VIII Dirty Fetish #71-80

List of Fetishes – Volume VIII #71-80

Welcome to part 8 in our kinky mission in identifying all 103 recognized fetishes. Here  at the Kinky Kingdom we not only have THE BEST phone sex operators that specialize in every single one.  In this ten-part series I will define all 103, as well as highlight those that are personal favorites.  This is part 8 and this particular batch is pretty dirty and I love it!! Think you have what it takes to indulge me in my kinkiest phone sex fantasies?

71Paraphilic infantilismDressing or being treated like a baby, also known as autonepiophilia or “adult baby syndrome”;  considerable overlap with diaper fetishism
72PartialismSpecific, non-genital body parts
73PedophiliaPrepubescent children, also spelled paedophilia; often confused with hebephilia, ephebophilia, and pederasty
74PeodeiktophiliaExposing one’s penis*
75PedovestismDressing like a child
77PictophiliaPornography or erotic art, particularly pictures**
78PiquerismPiercing the flesh of another person, most commonly by stabbing or cutting the body with sharp objects
79PlushophiliaStuffed toy animals (Plushies).***
80PygophiliaButtocks, as in a highly atypical sexual interest focused on the buttocks.


List of Fetishes that Cream my Panties

* Peodeiktophilia – Nothing is sexier than getting flashed in a public place by a beautiful cock. I remember being 15 on the train ride home from school.  Despite it being very packed the passenger standing in front managed to expose his cock in such a way that only I could see.

He was a tall handsome white man in his mid-30’s to early 40’s. His long pink was cock was level with my face. He was so hard, Yum.

** Pictophilia – I love all things sex. Nothing beats getting hot nudes from a crush. I love rubbing my pussy to Dick Picts.

*** Plushophilia As a child, my first orgasm was with my favorite stuffed bear. I still do rub my clit against Mr. Teddy from time to time.


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