List Of Fetishes – My Erotic List Of Kinks And Naughty Desires

I have been compiling a list of fetishes ever since I started getting into SEX. When I think about my favorite fetishes, my most recent outside of having adult chat, has been public groping. One of my favorite kinks into voyeuristic sex. Something about having a man rub his cock on me in a public place really turns me on. The best way to please me when I am feeling hot and bothered after a long day of work is by taking a nice big cock. And what better way to get me ready to tease me with your boner while we’re standing waiting to get off of the bus.

My next favorite kink is having my toes and feet worshiped. I love when a man has no problem with sucking on each one of my toes before he eats me out. I love feeling his soft lips wrapped around my feet, licking and sucking on them hard and slow. Giving each other foot massages and inching further and closer to my core for a nice rough and wet fuck.

One thing that made it on to my list of fetishes is giving my pussy a nick-name

When a man is so in love with my pussy, he usually gives it his own nickname. I secretly absolutely love when a guy does that. I love having a man call my pussy his “Candy” or his “Girl.” Making me scream with his cock and telling me to give him my candy while he pounds me up against the wall. The best phone sex involves giving my pussy your own special little nickname.

My last but not final fetish is spitting on a cock or having my pussy spat on. Feeling so wet that even a massive cock glides into my tight little fuck hole like butter. I have many things on my list of fetishes, and I can’t wait to tell you more the next time we talk <3

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