My Lipstick Lesbian Sex Toy Party

Lipstick lesbian sex toy party: I certainly remember my first one! I invited some of my closest and sexiest friends from college. I knew Chelsea pretty well already, since we had fooled around many times before. She was blonde with blue eyes and a talented tongue that knew how to lick me in a way that always left me wanting more. She was the first person to use a strap-on dildo on me as I blew a guy we had picked up at a strip club. In fact, you might remember Chelsea from my latino lesbian squirting orgy.

When I told her we needed to organize a lipstick lesbian sex toy party, she was totally on board!

We posted my lipstick lesbian sex toy party on Facebook and sent out private invitations to all of my hot girlfriends from college. They showed up at my condo in mini skirts, tank tops and ready to party it up.

Every kind of sex toy was laid out in the living room, along with booze and recreational drugs. You name it, we had it!  Strap-ons, dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, anal beads, butt plugs, etc. Our goal was to try every single toy on everybody at the party.

We fucked each other over and over again, taking turns in every imaginable position and with sex toys lodged in all of our orifices. One hour passed, then two, and then the next thing we knew, it was past midnight.

My lipstick lesbian sex toy party had been a success. Most of the booze (and substances) were gone, and all of the toys had been used.

The dildos and strap-ons were soaked with our glistening pussy juices, while puddles of squirt stained the carpets and floors around the condo.

At this point most of the girls, minus Chelsea of course, were tired. Their pussies were sore, their asses stretched out and they started to gather their things. Some of the girls offered to help us clean but I laughed. The maids would take care of that tomorrow morning.

Then the phone rang and it was my neighbor, who also happened to be in the same English class as me. Jane was a bit of a prude.  She always walked around doe-eyed in rather conservative clothes whenever I ran into her on campus. Not to mention she never failed to cast a strange look my way every time I came home late at night tipsy or high, with a guy or girl (or both). I could never figure out if that glance was of a disapproving or curious nature.

 I told Jane that I was having a lipstick lesbian sex toy party, and that she was more than welcome to come over.

So, I guess Jane’s cell phone had bad reception, because when she got there she looked extremely confused.

Turns out she’d only heard the word “lipstick” and thought I was hosting one those cliché girly and froufrou makeover sleepovers! In fact, she had no idea what a lipstick lesbian was, let alone a lipstick lesbian sex toy party!

Chelsea and I looked at each other with a grin as we approached her. You see, deflowering a lesbian virgin was one of our specialties. Chelsea began sliding off Jane’s skirt and then moved on to her panties. At first Jane protested, but as I caressed her big breasts and worked my tongue inside her mouth, she began to relax.

Goes without saying that we definitely popped Jane’s cherry that night! I still remember fucking her with my pink strap-on as Chelsea dug her face into her sweet virgin pussy.

The best part? I “accidentally” left my laptop open and set it on record. Oooops.

Ever since that night, I’ve made a habit of hosting a lipstick lesbian sex toy party every week!

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