Lipstick Fetish? Or Just A Sissy Boy In Training?-Part II

Lipstick Fetish continued. 15. Decorating his office with feminine items. We have been making sure to add some pretty decorations to bring a more feminine touch to his work setting. Also, we replaced his drab coffee cup, with a softer cup covered with pastel colored flowers and we switched to drinking Lady Grey tea. Something a little more delicate. 16. Each morning he puts a spray of scent (Amber Romance) on his wrists, to be able to breathe in and exude a more feminine scent through the day.

If You Do Have A Lipstick Fetish, What’s Your Favorite Shade?

17. Shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Definitely his chores. And he takes pride in doing them well, to please me. It is a pleasure to prepare a special meal to serve and be sure everything is cleaned up after, according to him.
18. I remind him each day, to strive as best as he can to be a good submissive lady.

19. In social gatherings when the men and women tend to divide into separate groups, he likes to sit with the (other) women and join in the conversation as best he can. When it comes to helping clean up in the kitchen, he knows that I prefer him to be with the women. 20. Each day we find that when he acknowledges to himself how much he loves being feminine, it’s much more effective.

Lipstick Fetish!

21. Joining a yoga class where he is typically one of the two or three genetic males in a class of 25. He went to a women’s activewear section and bought himself a pair of yoga pants and a top to wear to class. We love knowing that he’s out with a group of women, dressed entirely in women’s clothes. And we love the yoga!
22. Going to yoga with pretty polish on his toenails and wearing an ankle bracelet. Bare toes and ankles in class, no hiding. Being out there just a bit more with his feminine self.

23. More and more I find that he wants to go out shopping or for a walk wearing feminine clothes, which doesn’t surprise me any. It doesn’t have to be over the top, in a dress or skirt. But, it can be a camisole where the straps might show through, women’s sandals, a bracelet, attractive slacks, a women’s top, a necklace. Just something where he can be more feminine when out of the house and learning to be comfortable with bits of his sissy self out in public.

24. No question I have fully learned to eat and love the taste of my sissy cream. I do believe that the only proper place for my sissy cream is in my mouth. Appreciate the transforming effects and special truth of affirming that as a sissy I understand and proudly embrace this about myself, feeling that my sissy cream and any other cum I have the opportunity to consume serves as proper nourishment for me in my continuing journey of feminization and proper devotion.

I May Have A Lipstick Fetish Myself.

25. As we travel this path it is certainly true that he is increasingly turned on, by the sexual power of a hard cock and that he would love to be a cock sucking sissy and that’s where my expertise shines. He has not taken that step so far, but we do have a realistic dildo and he practices taking all nine inches into his mouth and throat.
26. He subscribes to Lucille Sorella’s Feminine Secrets program, including all sorts of lessons on style, physical movement, makeup, and feminization mesmerize videos. That’s another key point!

27. Increasingly he finds himself standing and positioning himself in feminine postures, both consciously and unconsciously. I can tell that he feels more comfortable that way. 28. Nightly facial cream and eye cream have become a standard element in his routine. He loves their nourishing feeling and the touch of smoother skin.

Do You Suspect Anyone You Know Of Having A Lipstick Fetish?

29. He seeks and enjoys the (non-violent) sissy stories and sissy porn on the internet and knows that this help to further imprint his sexual identity and orientation as a sissy girl. 30. He has even bought himself his own makeup bag. He does need to find a simple purse to carry for when he’s out at least partially in femme. We just need to take him shopping. That’s pretty much it! What do you think about this? What do you think about sissy cuckold? Once again, find the sissy quiz here!

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