Lipstick Fetish: He Loved Red Dick Sucking Lips Around His Cock

I met a guy in a bar that had a lipstick fetish. I’ve had guys come on to me all kinds of different ways but his caught me off guard. He walked up to me and told me that the lipstick I was wearing made my lips look amazing. This got us talking and I let him buy me a drink. I could see his eyes move to my mouth every time I took a sip of my beer so I asked him about it. He admitted to me that he has a huge lipstick fetish and seeing my lips covered in the red I was wearing was turning him on like crazy.

We ended up seeing each other a few more times after that night. It was fun playing with him and catering to his lipstick fetish! He would call me up and tell me that he was coming over. This was my queue to get myself ready. More like undressed. I would freshen up my lipstick and put on some sexy heels that matched it. Nothing else was allowed, just my shoes and my sexy lipstick. I would unlock my door, go into my bedroom and wait for him lying naked on my bed.

Once he walked in I would roll over and seductively crawl down the bed licking my lips until he pulled out his cock for me. Grabbing his cock into my hand I would stick out my tongue and lick the tip of it before sliding it between my lipstick covered lips. The red color contrasting against the color of his cock always made him throb in my mouth! He loved the way my dick sucking red lips looked wrapped around his dick as it pumped in and out of them!

I fulfilled his lipstick fetish!

The only thing he loved more than seeing my red lips around his cock was the way his white cum looked splattered all over them! I would suck his cock until he was about to explode. He would warn me that he was about to cum and I’d pull his cock out and jerk it off all over my lips, tongue, and face! I loved being his naughty girl and catering to his lipstick fetish! Hell, I love catering to all kinds of fetishes! Seeing a man turned on and ready to explode for me gets my pussy soaked!! So give me a call and let’s have some fun fetish phone sex! Are you ready to share Exotic Sex Stories with me?