I love when Daddy explores his lipstick fetish with me!

Who doesn’t love a good lipstick fetish story? I found a hot one that I really want to share. It’s a story about a Dom and his lipstick fetish. His sub liked to call him Daddy-or maybe he required her to.


I stood in the bathroom putting my lipstick, Daddy would be home any minute and I knew where I needed to be. Daddy required me to be on my knees in the hall when he opened the door. Of course, lips must be painted as well.

I settled down in front of the door just as I heard the key in the lock. Daddy walked in and smiled when he saw me, the bulge in his pants already straining the seams of his pants. He walked over to me and I reached up to unzip his pants and pulled out that big cock.

I opened up my red lips and slid out my pink tongue. His cock got harder as I traced the tip of his dick with my tongue. I stroked his cock as I moved my red lips over his cock. His eyes met mine as he watched me move up and down on his cock.

Daddy’s favorite thing is to cum right on my face, so as he gets close, he likes to rub his big cock over my red lips. I think he loves seeing his cum dripping from my perfectly painted lips. So I always make sure he gets to see that.

He rubbed his cock along my lips and then back in my mouth, then along my lips again, just inching closer to cumming. I reached up and grabbed his balls to give them a squeeze. As he rubbed against my lips, I felt his hot cum spill onto them.


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