Lingerie makes me HOT!

I love to put on sexy lingerie. The way it looks and feels against my creamy soft skin. I always feel so sinfully seductive in leather, and in lace. I have a drawer full of panties: crotch-less, thong, rhumba, sheer, mesh, silk, fishnet… etc. I love to dress up for all of my playmates, silky teddies, nighties, and cutsey baby dolls. Such perverted statements can be made, in your choice of sexual fashion. And I’m a total dirty girl perv. I feel at my hottest, when in ย stockings garters, and sky high fuck me pumps. ย I like the raunchy, nasty, skanky lingerie, because I am such a filthy fucking little slut. *giggles* why wouldn’t I have a closet full of nasty unmentionables to go along with my personality.

The sad part, I can’t wear all my outfits at once… but, I’m really good at sharing “grins”

As much as I love to dress up, I like my boyfriends to dress up with me too. OH YES I WENT THERE! I love a little role reversal play. I love dressing a guy up in my sexy clothes, a Long porno blonde or Blissful brunette wig, mmmm pantyhose,ass lifting heels, and lipstick. Only to bend him over and fuck him like a good little slut! It is said, that when you dress in a promiscuous manner, that you are fucking asking for whatever you get. You better believe, when I make you my bitch, your gonna fucking get it!

Wanna play dress up with me, Be my fuck toy, or just play around in my panty drawer or for you nasty little boys, My dirty hamper? *giggles*

I promise not to bite unless you pay extra for it and I always aim to please in anyway that I can with Hot Phone Sex!