Lingerie Dressing Room Antics

Lingerie Dressing Room Antics- the dirty Security Guard gave me an offer I decided not to refuse. I mean, I could have said no but hen I wouldn’t have all of this new sexy lingerie!

I was at the mall window shopping. Rent was due so I couldn’t afford to buy anything but I LOVE checking out hot sexy lingerie. I noticed the security guard was taking a lot of interest in me. Did he know I was broke? Did he think I was going to shoplift? I have to admit, the thought crossed my mind. It’s not easy being a poor art student.

I held up a lacy red babydoll and I heard the security guard give a sigh. “Man, you would look so hot in that.” I smiled at him and put it back. I moved onto sexy slips. Holding one up at a time, looking at him to see if he approved. “You need to buy a few of those, Baby.”

“Haha well, I can’t afford anything today.” I replied.  “I wish I could put these on.

The security guard came closer. “I would do almost anything to see you in that slip.” he said quietly ” If you let me watch you try these things on, I will let you take them home.”

I have no problem getting naked and it didn’t take long for me to say ok. He let me pick out some sexy expensive items and then he directed me to the dressing room. I left the door a little so he could peek in. He stood outside the door. I slowly stripped out of my jeans and tank top. I watched him as I let my panties drop to the floor. I slipped on the babydoll. I put on some sexy lacy panties. “do you like this?” I asked him. He crotch looked huge.

“Come in here.” I ordered him. He looked around. The store was empty. I got on my knees and unzipped his pants. I paid him for the sexy clothes with a long wet blowjob in that dressing room. besides the cum that dripped all over my slip, I scored big time!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke