I have a caller who will obviously be anonymous, that drives me crazy with this insatiable need to have my pink little asshole licked. I had a hot dream of him pushing his face into my panties and making them wet with his hot breath. Making my asshole steam up and become slightly…pungent?  It would almost be a huge fear to know my ass had any sort of odor…

However in this dream he is trying to make my ass hot and smell just a bit. He keeps steaming it up. Finally I feel his teeth pull my panties to the side. I bend further down and can feel his nose pushing against my little butthole. I can feel him drawing in my scent. I hear his pants loosen, His face is vibrating as he sniffs. I look down to see him jerking off while smelling me.

Finally I feel his tongue start to poke into me. At first it feels strange. He rims it slowly and then kisses it. It tickles so move forward just a bit…causing my asshole to pucker. He drops an arm over the top of my ass to hold me still. I can feel him making love to my hole with his mouth and nose. When he pushes his nose against my hole, I can feel his tongue darting around the opening of my pussy. The slow monotony of what his mouth is doing drives me wild with the need to have his cock inside my ass. Thankfully he gives over.

I can feel him rubbing his thick head back and forth over my rosehole. With small gentle pushes his head pops into my channel. He smooths his hands over my ass and takes me by my hips and pushes in and out slowly. Going deep into me with every push. All I want is his cum. I want to feel it drip down my slit. He lovingly does just that. Of course my favorite part is cleaning off his cock covered in his cum.


Call me and be my desire as much as yours



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