Lick it Until It’s Clean!

You’re pressing me harder against the tiles of the shower and, as you kiss and lick the water from my lips, I begin to lightly run my fingernails from the nape of your neck down your spine. You feel my nails digging into the flesh of your perfect ass.  Your kisses become harder and more demanding.  The primal lust between us is as thick as the steam surrounding our hot, slick bodies.

Your earlobes are my next destination.  Pulling my lips from yours, I kiss your cheek, your neck, and pull your head gently towards my mouth.  First I take the lobe of your left ear between my lips.  I lick, suck, and gently nibble on it until I hear you audibly moan.  Then I run my tongue down and across your wet throat and, taking your right earlobe between my lips, I again lick, suck, and gently nibble until I hear a second, louder moan escape your throat and lips.

I whisper, “I want so much to feel your love, to again be completely yours, and to feel your cock deep inside me”.  My one foot already on the shower bench, you drop to your knees and respond without saying a word; instead, I feel your tongue lick from my clit to my asshole before darting in and out of my pussy.

You wrap your lips around my clit and, as you suck it into your mouth. Your wet fingers begin to work in and out of my slit.

As you feel my body begin to tremble, you swiftly stand and, in a single thrust, impale my dripping pussy with your magnificent cock.  The forces of your thrusts are so intense I must reach around you to keep from falling.  Over and over you plunge your shaft into me until I can no longer contain my orgasm.  As the spasms begin to rack throughout my body, you feel my pussy muscles tighten around your cock.  You reclaim my mouth, and as our tongues lick and mingle together. I feel your hot cum shoot deep inside my womb.

You pick me up into your arms and, after sitting down on the bench, you bring me down onto your lap and resume kissing me passionately.  As I marvel at the fact the water showing us is still hot, I grin as I feel your cock stirring yet again.

Teen Phone Sex!