When I was a kid my family played board games when we got bored. It brought us closer together. Games like Monopoly and LIFE were stimulating working the mind with strategy and the rush of winning. I loved the excitement and the competition. As an adult I like to play different kinds of games now. I still enjoy the excitement of working a strategy to play your best game and the competitive thrill of winning but I’d much rather play sexy games. Do you like sex games? I do. How about the “Blind Fold Game”? You can blind  fold me and see how long it takes my mouth to find your cock or I can blind  fold you and see whether or not you can find my pussy just from following my scent when I straddle my thighs across your face.

Open wide and drink
Smell my pussy?

How about we play the “Titty Fuck Game”? That’s where you bury your rock hard cock in between my huge, fat, soft titties and ram it back and forth and back and forth. Let’s see how long you can titty fuck me before you cum all over my tits. Let’s see how long it takes me to lick all that creamy cum off my tits with my long wet tongue. Let’s play a game I like to call “Back It Up Game.”  That’s where you rip off  my panties with your teeth leaving my naked ass out in the open. Let’s see how long it takes me to back my ass up and find your rock hard cock. Let’s see how many times I ride that cock backing my ass up on it over and over again. Let’s see how long it takes for you to cum in my ass. Do you like my games? Well, the next time you find yourself feeling bored don’t pull out a board game or play cards on your computer. Grab your phone and call Momma Genie and play SEX GAMES with me. Ready to play “BACK IT UP”? If you want to play sex games on the phone with me call…Momma Genie. 

 Genie 888-643-2055
Genie 888-643-2055


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