Whatever you want. I will always be willing to do it. But, sometimes, I know you want to be sensual and slow. Make love to me, baby.

You want me so bad.
And you know I want you.
Your hand touches mine and I smile.
You can’t wait to see me, naked and filled with pleasure.

You brush the hair from my face,
I get goosebumps as your fingertips graze my neck.
My lips are juicy and need your kiss.
You just want to be thrusting into me.

You kiss me, hard and then softly.
Our tongues dancing in between each other’s lips.
You tell me that I am beautiful in between the kisses.
Making me blush and bite my lip.

I want you to take me in your arms and take me now.
But, you want to take it slowly.
Letting everything build more and more.
Oh, please, don’t take too long.. mmm.

Your loving and soft touch makes me smile.
And you just grow harder thinking just looking at me.
You slide your hands over my back and up my spine.
You unhook my bra and pull down my dress and bra straps.

I lay back and you kiss my breasts lightly.
My nipples grow so hard and I giggle because it tickles.
You take my right nipple into your mouth.
Sucking ever so gently and swirling your tongue around it.

I feel your hard dick on my thigh.
To feel you inside me would be absolutely amazing.
My pussy is getting so wet in my lace panties..
Please, touch it!

You slide a hand up my leg..
Then my inner thigh..
And onto my panties.
You feel my wetness on the outside and your smile.

You pull my panties off and expose me.
Smooth, soft, pink, and wet.
You decide to taste me.
You slurp me up like an ice cream cone.

You love as I squirm when I cum.
Getting my juices all over your face..
You sit up and unzip your pants.
I bite my lip as you lay your hard dick on my pussy.

“Please, do it, daddy,” I whisper to you.
You grab ahold of it and slip it inside of me.
I moan and grab you by the hair.
You feel so good when you’re deep inside!

You ride me.
Hard and soft.. making me jiggle and moan.
I want you to fill me up with your load.
You can’t wait.

You suck on my nipples and watch my face.
I moan for you and my cheeks turn pink.
I cum and you think it’s gorgeous to watch.
I giggle and tell you “Cum inside me, baby.”

You ride a little harder and faster.
You throw your head back and groan.
I feel you filling my pussy up with your cum.
I’m yours and no one else’s.. just yours, daddy.

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