Happy 4th of July: Let’s Fuck

Let’s go camping, build a fire, snuggle up in a sleeping bag, maybe make some s’mores, and please let’s fuck. I’d love to lay under the stars with you. Let’s get a private camping spot where no one will see and have some fun under the fireworks show;)

I wanna strip down to nothing and climb into that tiny sleeping bag with you. You’re waiting there for me naked and I can’t wait to start the show. I would love to have my body wrapped around yours. I love being naked with you, wrapped up in your arms, your fingers running through my hair, over my neck, down my back, gently squeezing my ass.

You pull me on top of you. I kiss you deeply, nibbling on your lower lip and sliding my tongue against yours. You taste so good and I’m getting wet already. My nipples are hard and pressed into your chest, my hips are grinding against yours. Your cock is getting hard for me already. I’m grinding into you over and over again and your cock is pressed against me. You are hard and ready to be inside me. I reach down and start to stroke your cock, teasing it between my pussy lips.

My pussy juices drip onto your cock and I slide my hand up and down slowly, kissing you deeper. You pull my hair and tilt my head back kissing my neck. Kissing down to my nipples, sucking on them, pulling them softly with your teeth. I moan and stroke you faster. I need you inside of me, I’m panting, anticipating how it’s going to feel.

The fireworks start and I spread my pussy lips and press your cock into me.

Slowly pressing you all the way inside me, on top of you, pressed against you. I kiss you as your cock is all the way inside me. I know that the explosion we are going to share underneath the explosion of fireworks is going to be amazing. Let’s talk all about it baby.

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