Let Mommy Stroke It For You

I know my teenage son likes to peek at me when I come out of the shower. I know he catches glimpses of me when I’m getting dressed in the morning or undressing for bed. Ever since my husband left me for a younger woman my son and I have had the house to ourselves. And for me, being without a man and feeling so rejected, my son’s romantic attention is such a turn-on. He’s almost a man. But in my home is my man. He just doesn’t know it yet. But tonight things are about to change.

It was another night like so many others. My son and I had dinner and watch a little television and laughed together. “Honey, would you mind running mommy a bath?” He ran upstairs and started running the water with my favorite bubble bath. This was our nightly routine. He runs me a bath and goes to his room and I take my bath leaving the bathroom door cracked open. I know that while I’m soaking in the suds my son sneaks out into the hallway to watch me. I know he strokes his cock at the sight of me. That turns me on even more. I find myself fingering my pussy just knowing that he is there watching.

But tonight is different. Tonight I leave the door open much wider so he can get a really good look at my naked body. I can hear him breathing hard as I slide my hands up and down my legs and put on a real show for him. I ascend from the tub and rub lotion on my wet body knowing that he can see my huge milky tits and ass and I spread my legs so that he can see my pussy. Then I could hear him grunting. I wrap myself in a towel and start to leave. I hear him scrambling back to his room and closing his door. So I know he’s turned on after the show I gave him.

I lean my ear to the door and I can hear him jerking off. That made my pussy so wet. I open the door and walk into his room and see him with his cock in his hand. He tries to hide his huge cock under a pillow but can’t stop staring at me. “Mom, what are you doing here?” I drop my towel on the floor and let him see my voluptuous naked body close up. I sit on the bed and say, “Honey, I think you know why I’m here.” I reached my hand under the pillow and said, “Let Mommy Stroke It For You.” He let me take control of his cock as I let him take control of mommy’s tits. That night my son became my man.

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