My Sexy Feet Wrapped Around Your Hot Foot Fetish!

I know I have sexy feet. I have never had a shortage of people reassuring me how great my perfectly pedicured piggies looked in a pair of sandals. Having a Foot Fetish is a no brainer around my toes, they are just that erotic. I was out and about with a gal pal of mine shopping with one of my sugar daddies credit cards. I was going to purchase me a new pair of pumps.  When I got there the two of us fine ladies were laughing and playing. She sat onto the ground in front of me and started to unzip the knee high boots I was wearing over my tightly fitted jeans. Soon we were joined by a guy who appeared to work at the shop.

She continued to remove my boot, laughing and giggling while I chit chatted with the sexy store owned. After she removed my boot sock and then the sock covering my foot his attention immediately shifted right down to my feet. Could this one have a Foot Fetish as well? She ran her finger nails up the underside of the tender soft skin of my instep. I giggled as she tickled the bottom of my feet. When I turned my head I noticed that the shoe shop worker was starting to sport a rather large bulge in the front to of his work khakis.

As my babe of a friend started to reach into the show box to unpack the peep toe pump the worker interrupted. He offered to instead put the shoe on me himself. He assured us it would be because he only wanted to make certain that the shoe was an absolute perfect fit. The two of us took a look at each other and as he began to rub my foot against the outside of his junk we decided to kind of mess with the poor guy. She sat onto my lap and kicked off her shoes, rubbing her bare feet down the front of my shins.

I began to whimper a little. The poor guy on the ground just froze and left my foot rubbing against his crotch. If he did not have a Foot Fetish, he will soon! She turned and faced me and began to playfully give me a kiss. She ran her hands into my shirt and began to play with my big titties. I almost forgot we were in a store, but now were both so hot that it did not even matter. The shop worker unzipped his fly and shoved my foot into the front of his pants. His cock was so warm and hard against my foot.

I couldn’t help but moan out even louder. I turned over placing my friend underneath me sliding my other foot into the front of his pants so that I could sandwich his cock between my toes. I shoved my other hand between my friend and I so that I could rub her clit fast. As I stroked his cock I moved my fingers over her in the same tempo. I wanted to make them both cum at the same time. That is exactly what I did too. Once they were finished the two of them finished me off in return. Him sucking on the toes and her finger fucking me into ecstasy. Do you love feet as much as I do? Pick up that phone and let me know, I have plenty of pictures to share!

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