Let me lick your precum

Let me lick your precum off of your hardening cock. I get so turned on when your dick leaks out that clear liquid. Remembering the first time I saw a boy produce precum. I was 12 and I was fooling around with a cute teenage boy who lived in my neighborhood. We were playing a crazy game of “war” and we were hiding from the other kids behind a garage.

Greg told me to sit close to him and stay quiet. I was excited for any attention from this hot blond kid. I let him put my arm around me. He told me he was in love with me. He asked me to touch his shorts. I touched the mound in his thin shorts. I could feel the tip of his penis. He pulled it out. He showed me the precum dripping out of the tip of his cock.

I didn’t know what it was.  “Sara, could you lick it off?”

I bent down and licked the precum off. He started to groan. I got scared so I backed off. I leaned back as I watched him take his cock in his hand and stroke it. “Please just show me your panties, Sara.”  I pulled my shorts down, continuing to watch his cock get hard. He put his hands on my crotch, over my pink panties and stroked his dick till he came. The load seemed massive to my 12-year-old eyes. He blushed and apologized to me. He was always so nice. “Sara, your panties got wet too. I guess you like me.” He said with a smile.

Greg was my first secret boyfriend, and he is probably why precum is so special to me. I get wet every time I see it!

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