I visited my parents over the holiday weekend and I slept in my old childhood bedroom. It was good being back in the very room that I found out so much about myself. As soon as I opened the door my mind immediately took me back to the very first cock I ever sucked in that room.

It happened right on the edge of my bed. I had just gotten home from school. No one was home and I was suppose to be doing homework, but instead I was playing with my pussy and watching creampie porn on my computer. Just when I had found the perfect creampie vid there was a knock at the front door. I hesitated at first because my sweet little pussy had already started to cream, but the knock on the door got louder so I pulled my fingers out of my wet pussy and ran down stairs to open the door.

When I answered there was a man standing in front of me with what looked like a contractor’s uniform on. He was all covered in streaks of paint and he had beads of sweat sliding down his face like he had been outside in the heat for a while. He said that he was there to start on some remodeling work for the house. I knew my parents had been talking about getting work done so I trusted his word and let him in. He was tall, with dark brown wavy hair and I felt like I could trust him. He said that he would need access to the attic so I lead him upstairs and pointed to where it was. I told him that if he needed anything that he could get me in my room.

I was still REALLY horny from being interrupted by his knocking on the door so I opened my smooth, soft legs and started rubbing my bald pussy and moaning. My fingers gliding over my swollen clit felt so fucking good. I licked my lips, closed my eyes, and moaned some more. When I opened my eyes the worker guy was standing in my room with his hard cock in his hand. His cock was red and bulging. He looked like he hadn’t cum in weeks! I was startled by the size, but I guess he could tell that I wanted to deep throat him from just the look in my eyes.

I sat up on the edge of the bed, opened my mouth, and took his thick cock down my throat. He held the back of my head and slowly pumped his large penis down my wind pipe. I was gagging, but he didn’t care. The sounds of me gasping for air only made him more horny. As I took him into my body I could feel his balls quivering and preparing to erupt. He fondled my tender, light brown nipples as I swallowed every drop of his pre-cum. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore. He pushed me down onto my bed and forced my legs open. Seeing my perfect, shaved, puffy pussy made him weak in the knees. He tried his best to push his cock inside of me, but because I was a virgin he had no luck. I massaged his balls and begged for his cum. His cock muscles spasmed and jerked and then with a loud outcry he drenched my young pussy with his hot, thick, white load.

When my parents got home I mentioned, at dinner, that someone had come by to start the remodeling. They were puzzled because they said they hadn’t reached out to anyone regarding remodeling. I didn’t say much as we sat there eating and talking. All I could think of was how hard the mystery contractor man came all over my pussy. All I could do was think of how bad I wanted more.

Where would you have cum if you had gotten the chance to have your way with me? My face, down my throat, on my tits or deep inside of my virgin pussy fuck hole???

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