I do love to sensually dominate men. I find it often leads to pussy worship, which of course I well deserve. Some of the men I have dominated have been exceptionally good at licking pussy. They know what an honor it is to be allowed to fuck me, so they worship my body accordingly. Kissing the insides of my thighs lovingly before giving me the ultimate french kiss, teasing and tasting my succulent shaved pussy. The sweetest taste they will ever know.

Some of the ones I have honored with my presence have wanted to be penetrated by my strap on. Many crave a true Mistress to take control of them and nudge them in the right direction of submitting to a female and offering her their often uninitiated man pussy. I of course have a series of strap ons of varying sizes. I like to start them out small to get accustomed to the sensation of their ass being invaded. Many times they find they enjoy it, I have trained many to adore prostate stimulation. I’ve done prostate milking on several of my subjects and all but made them my slaves. Slaves to the pleasure I can give them when I see fit.

I don’t see the need for whips, chains, tying ones up or anything extreme. I find you can enslave men easily if you give them pleasure they cannot find elsewhere. Not all women are prepared to properly dominate a man sexually and take them to places they haven’t been before. So their lack of being able to do so effectively is my gain, for sure!