A Lesson in Ass Worship

Ass worship is by far my favorite fetish!  Having a man grab big handfuls of my juicy ass and bury his face right in, makes my clit tingle.  There are a few different positions I’ve found to be extremely pleasing to not only myself but to ass crazed partner.  I hope you find one that is your personal favorite as well.

My all time favorite is the “the prayer”.  I make my man get down on his knees and simply inserts his face into my behind. Its great for first timers and gives us both a sense of control.  Now, we all know who has the control here (me), but its nice to give a guy a false sense of security.

An alternative to the prayer is where I make my guy sit against a wall as I back my beautiful ass into his eager face.

 In this position I like to jiggle and shake my ass cheeks until I am positive his entire face is smothered in my luscious booty.  I also like to bend down, grab my ankles, and feel just how far his tongue can reach inside of my asshole.

Now comes “the sandwich”.  I lay on my stomach and bury my guys face into my ass.  This especially enjoyable with a third party to further shove his face deeper into my ass.

Last but not least, “the crab”.  Now this can be tricky if you aren’t the flexible type.  Luckily I am!  With my guy on the floor, I straddle his face with my hands and feet on the floor and stomach facing the ceiling.  As I rub my ass ALL over his face he can also lift his head into my ass.

I’m sure there are many more variations and positions you and I can dream up, but for now, I thought I would name just a few of the most common.  If this has your cock throbbing and balls aching, pick up the phone and give me a call!  I would love to smother you anytime.

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