She’s the heiress to the Kardashian scandals, she is the baddest bitch in the game, and it doesn’t matter how old she is, she is old enough when she’s getting stimulated, Kylie Jenner has opened my mind to oh so many disgusting thoughts. From her tits, to her lips to that ass, I really don’t care how if they’re fake I just wish she was in bed my for one night. 

I’ve always been a Kardashian fan, let me rephrase that, I’ve always been a Kim Kadashian’s ass fan. I remember watching Kylie grow up, then she turned 17 and everything changed. She plumped up every inch of her body that needs plumping and became a sex symbol. Every single Instagram post I have to change my panties because she is smoking, and I’m going to tell you, just exactly what I will do to her. 

Stimulated is playing in the background, on repeat. She just loves cumming to that song. We’d be in head to toe Balmain and getting faded. It’d start kissing her soft lips. We get completely naked, only Carter bracelets on. I’d lay her down, start kissing her tits. Licking her nipples while I make her moan. I’d kiss down her stomach and on to her hips. Opening her legs and start eating her tight wet pussy. She tastes so good. That’s definitely a twenty-four k pussy. I slide my fingers inside her. First one, licking her clit while my finger slides in and out her cunt. I slide another finger, then another one. My three fingers are deep inside her while she squirms in pleasure. I could feel her pussy tighten, as she cums on my tongue. She tastes so fucking good. Now, I know what all the fuzz is all about. She sits up and just wants to please me. She brings out a vibrating dildo. I am soaking wet, I lay on my back and she starts fucking my tight wet pussy on with the dildo. She looks up at my and while she does it she starts sucking on my nipples. I could see her plump lips on them. Getting my pussy even wetter. When I’m about to cum, she slides the dildo out my pussy and pushes two fingers inside me. She just wants to feel how tight my pussy gets.

I swear every time I see her on a magazine or on tv this is what I’m really thinking about. She’s my ultimate celebrity crush and I really can’t wait for her next Instagram post.



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