Are you into lesbian sex? Does it get your pole twitching? Lesbians eating each other out gets my pussy dripping wet! Don’t be getting offended gentlemen, I still love a good cock ride! I am a girl of many tastes, all of which pleases me immensely. I have a wonderful story to share with you now. Get your coffee or drink and settle in boys!

I am working on a new business. It is a thriving facility with so many employees. Honestly, I was in awe of all the different types of people I was getting to interact with here. A couple of the ladies I worked within my area were so friendly and nice to me. I was loving it here and being a part of the company.

Little do I know those hot bitches have plans for me!

The ladies and I are eating our lunch and they are playing twenty questions with me. I am enjoying the fun we are having and sharing me with them. Then, Carrie is explaining to me that she and Miranda are a couple. Of course, it is against company policy, but they feel I am trustworthy and want to share it with me.

Carrie and Miranda are an adorable couple and it is all making sense now. I was feeling like they were super close, I was just thinking they were besties. Just like me, Brittany and Frankie! What fun to share this secret with them. Along with sharing that information, they invite me over for drinks on Friday night.

They are having a small party at their place.

The rest of my week is flying by and before I know it, Friday is here. As we are leaving work, the girls make sure I am coming to their party. Of course, and I will bring Tequila! Both girls are smiling as they walk to their car. Tonight is going to be so much fun! Little do the girls know I am not the innocent girl they see at work. Especially when I drink Tequila…my clothes fall off when I drink Tequila. Sometimes it is the same with my taboo phone sex. Guys thinking I am a sweet little thing. My voice may sound sweet, but I’m not always so innocent.

I am running errands and going to get my alcohol before the party. The city is hopping with activity and I am thinking to myself that everyone is partying tonight. The evening is upon me in no time and I am ready to roll. I am wearing my favorite shirt with sexy denim jeans and thigh-high boots. Knowing I look smokin’ hot, I head over to Carrie and Miranda’s place.

As I walk up, I am hearing loud music and tons of people.

A small party is not what I am seeing. So funny, the place is full of gorgeous men and women. As I enter their house, all eyes are turning to check me out. I look so fucking hot tonight and feeling my best. I am ready to rock somebody’s world. The girls head over greeting me and introducing me to some of the attendees.

I see them both eyeing me as well. They are sexy, and this chick would not mind getting a taste of their yumminess, but my grandma always told me, “Don’t shit where you eat!” Consequently translating to: don’t fuck around with co-workers if you like a calm work life. I live by that motto and work at avoiding any issues.

Lesbians eating each other out appeals to me on many levels.

Watching them and joining them can be two different things and keep me out of trouble. The watching them thing is not as much fun for this horny girl, so it is not my favorite choice. Now, I am loving the idea of them beside me and another foxy lady. If us lesbians eating each other out are near each other having sex without interacting physically, it is still hot!

This scenario gives me the best of both worlds, watching them and joining them without crossing and sketchy boundaries. I am so proud of myself as I scan the room for my playmate of the night! Lesbians eating each other out is going to include Brittany tonight! As I am walking the party, I spotted this amazingly sexy blond. She is busy talking and as I get near her, it is as if she is feeling my energy and stops to look at me.

As our eyes are meeting and I know this is my sweet lay tonight!

She is so fit with a gorgeous bubble butt. We are eyeing each other as we meet in the middle. Introducing myself, she does the same. Eddie is her name, hmmm. Loving that name, a girl with a boy name, so fucking hot. Carrie and Miranda are making the rounds and working their way towards us. Miranda is smiling as she asks if I found someone fun for my night. Little do they know my life is full of crazy sex stories!

The four of us are walking up the stairs as Eddie and I are groping each other. Getting into the girl’s bedroom we all disrobe. Moving to their bed, each couple is on a side of the bed. Pussy is everywhere, tongues going to work on those pussies. Eddie tastes like peaches as I am working that clit. As she is having her first climax she is smothering me into her pussy. Shit, this night is going to be fucking amazing!

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