It was a dark and rainy night in Gotham City. Catwoman is perched on a high building watching the mayhem that was unfolding. She saw as Batman chased Joker’s fools around the town and as Harley Quinn broke into a sex shop. Wait Harley Quinn was breaking into a sex shop? Being a curious cat as always she decided to see what Harley was up to. If only she knew that Harley was going to give her some amazing lesbian villain sex.

Once in front of the sex shop, Catwoman looked inside. She saw Harley looking at a huge 11-inch cock. Her pussy ached at the thought of that cock stretching her tight pussy in all the right places. Catwoman tried to sneak in through an open window but there was a blow-up doll display below her and they popped and squeaked as she fell on them. Harley came bounded over and stood over her. “Whatcha doin’ there Catwoman?” She asked.

A little shocked and feeling stupid for the clumsy moment, she said: “Ugh I was just curious about what you were up to.” That’s when she noticed Harley was holding a strapon. It had the huge 11-inch dildo attached to it. Her curiosity was really going to get the best of her but she just had to know what Harley was doing with it. “So, ugh, Harley, what are you gonna do with that?” She asked.

Catwoman really wanted to have lesbian villain sex with Harley.

“I could just show you what I have planned for it,” She replied. All Catwoman could do was nod her head yes. She had to have this curiosity sated. Harley straddled her and started to kiss her, running her hand from her throat to her pussy and rubbing her over her catsuit. She moaned and arched more into her tough. Grabbing Harley’s ass and digging her nails into her. Harley latched her Kinky sex cuffs on her wrist.

Harley unzipped her suit and slid her hand inside so she could play with her pussy. Sliding her fingers in and out and making Catwoman moan and arch into her. Harley fucked her pussy hard and fast with her fingers and before she knew it she was squirting all over her hand. This made Harley super excited so she put on the strapon and had Catwoman get on all fours.

She felt Harley sliding the tip up and down her pussy lips before slowly sliding it into her tight pussy. That cock was fucking huge! It stretched out her tight pussy like it’s never been stretched before. Then Harley had ahold of her hips as she slid inch by inch of the cock into her pussy. “Ohhh fuck how much more is there?” Catwoman moaned. “I’m only half way in you. Think you can take all of this huge cock?” She replied.

Harley wanted to fuck Lesbian Villain Sex Creature Catwoman so hard!

As she fucked Catwoman she inched more and more of the cock into her. She was really getting into this lesbian villain sex. She started to pound Catwoman hard and fast, slamming the cock in and out of her pussy. Catwoman was a mess of pure pleasure under her. She could feel another orgasm building inside her and it was about to crash through her. Harley sensed it and pulled out and told her to ride the cock.

Happily straddling her Catwoman took the huge cock back inside her pussy. Riding that cock like it was the last cock to ever be inside her again. She fucked Harley until her orgasm crashed through her like a tsunami hitting an island. Her pussy juices squirting all over both of them.

“No wonder Batman likes to fuck you. You are wild!” Harley said. Catwoman chuckled and pushed Harley to the floor then pulled off her shorts. She started licking and sucking on her clit. Tasting how sweet her pussy is and then burying her face even more into her sweet pussy. She was moaning and arching her hips up into her face. Catwoman loved lapping up her creamy cunt and couldn’t wait for her to cum all over her cunt. It didn’t take Harley long until she was covering Catwoman’s face with her sweet pussy juices. Just then did Harley’s Phonesex Cat signal shine in the night. Bouncing to her feet she knew she was being called to another Horny Housewife’s home.