Lesbian squirt sex gives the woman you love the best Christmas present, A girlfriend. Since women know how to do it best, let’s get very serious right now.

We can make a man cum better than anyone and we can make a woman cum better than a man ever could.

However, sharing just might not be your thing.

If you have already made your girl squirt then bravo to you! If you have not, then I’m putting you on the naughty side of Santa’s list. Guys, it’s not that hard to figure out your girl’s body. What makes her tick and keeps her going. Considering that you are a man though you probably could care less how amazing sex is for her, you just want to get your rocks off, roll over and go to sleep. Leaving her wide awake and playing with herself so she can cum as well. Just giving you a heads up if that’s you, she’s probably getting dick elsewhere.

She might even be doing what you thought she never would and be having lesbian squirt sex.

I can almost guarantee if you are not making her squirt she is finding someone who can.

Here’s how we do it:

First off, we make each other feel completely relaxed, whatever happens, happens. This is an accident-prone zone, especially if we know its girls first time squirting. There is nothing hotter than poping that lesbian squirt sex cherry. See, when a girl gets close to squirting it makes her feel as if she has to pee and if she is not one hundred percent comfortable she well stop relaxing and start to get antsy. No woman wants to accidentally pee during sex, now giving golden showers is one thing but that is a different story. Usually, I like to give the girl I’m with a nice sensual massage. Rubbing her body all over with some soothing scented massage oil.

Getting her in the mood and keeping her there.

FOREPLAY, FOREPLAY, FOREPLAY!!!!! The best part of having lesbian squirt sex besides the actual squirting is the foreplay. We know to take our time in this area. Men you like to rush this. Why? Are you scared you wouldn’t be able to please her without a cock? It’s beyond pathetic when a man rushes straight to getting his dick wet. We tend to completely get turned off and start thinking about other things besides the dissatisfying man that is on top of us.

Start by kissing her neck, running your hands through her hair. Slowly caressing her shoulders and moving down to her tits. Those beautifully perky tits. Turn her around and start sucking on those pretty pink nipples, use your tongue to lick around them in a circular motion, then suck on them. Try to take your time here but pay attention to her body language. She’ll let you know when she wants you to move on to that sexy cunt of hers.

Once SHE is ready, slowly move your way down to her pretty pussy.

Kissing every inch of her body on the way down. Remember you want to make this about her. That’s one thing I always get out of lesbian squirt sex, I don’t feel like I have to always give. It’s nice for a woman to just receive. Bet this will be a first for most you men, won’t it? Anyway back to my directions. I’m sure your cock is already nice and hard by now but I need you to read with your brain and not your dick head. Once you get to her pussy you need to lick and play with her clit. Being gentle but firm. If you can give her a few clit orgasms that would be great! It will really help her relax.

Most of you men, however, will not be able to do this, you don’t even know how to work your own clit much less a woman’s.

Now that she is good and wet you want to start by slipping on finger inside her, slowly fingering her and then slide the second finger in there. Thrusting in and out but DO NOT forget about her clit. A big part of our pleasure comes from our clit.

Now time to get her to squirt!

Alright men, during lesbian squirt sex you will notice that we tend to use our fingers more than cocks and here is why.  This is all about internal pressure; two fingers pushed in as far as they will go and then curled inwards slightly, so they are pressing forwards. Once they are on the g-spot (this area will feel slightly rougher and more spongey than everything else) keep them in there and rock them, escalating speed and pressure until her squirting begins. You can also thrust in and out with the fingers angled the same way as mentioned before, so you are repeatedly hitting the g-spot. The key is speed and pressure. You might feel a little gush and once you pull your fingers out the squirting will continue.

If you don’t think you can do this for your girl then please, just let her have some lesbian squirt sex. Like I said before a girlfriend would be the perfect present for Christmas. So while she is having all that amazing sex with her brand new girl toy you could be having taboo phone sex.

Do you really want to be on Santa’s naughty list again next year??

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