Holidays are the best really lesbian sex. What I am I saying, I could say that about almost anything. For real though, you get to see family that you haven’t in awhile, get drunk and open presents. What could be better? Oh, adding a nice cum session onto that list. However, around all this family my options are a bit limited and this year I wanted something that was a little harder than normal to play with. My sweet and innocent sister should do the trick just nicely. I just had to get her liquored up and ready for a nice lesbian sex action!

So I danced with her and sang with her and played next to her the whole night. All the while feeding her drink after drink. Take note boys this really works. Soon she was just lucid enough to do anything. I convinced her to come and stay the night at my house, which of course she had no problem doing. Soon we were both in my room and stripping off our clothes.

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Standing in front of me wearing just her panties she stopped. She became a little shy that I was seeing so much of her hot little tight body. Some kisses of my lips on her nipples had her reassured that she was perfect and everything was going to be fine.

She laid back and I tucked my hands into the top of her panties. As I kissed on her neck small little whimpers left her lips. I wrapped my legs around her and shifted her hand over to my cunt. As I started to rub on her clit I started to grind against her hand. In no time she got the picture and started to finger me as well. The two of us were both moaning out and loving the fun we were having. In the morning we both woke up a cummy mess. Some greasy breakfast food was the only cure for our party hangovers. That and my sister begged me for round two. Fucking bad little slut!

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