I love Lesbian sex.

I date women and men. I’m sexually attracted to both genders in all of their expressions.. but I LOVE lesbian sex. It’s so sensual and delicious and there is something about making a woman cum that just drives me wild. Tasting her, listening to her, feeling her orgasm on my fingers… I can truly understand and relate to men who become addicted to pussy.

I’m so good with my hands I turn women gay on the first time. They blow up my phone, trying to get another piece after I take them home just once. My ex girlfriend was straight before she met me and then we dated for a year! I stole her from her boyfriend after a one night stand, the sex was so good she and I didn’t leave my room for a week. She became addicted to my fist and the way I licked and teased and fucked her pussy. Making her orgasm over and over again. I loved covering my bed in her wet spots, feeling her juices drip down my fingers and into my mouth.

Loved it so much that sometimes I would cum without even touching myself!

I came while fucking her and without touching myself most often when I was using my strap on. I love my big, black dildo. Just love the way a woman moans when I pop the head in and the way she rolls her eyes back in ecstasy when I start fucking her. Most love seeing that look in her eyes when she can’t believe how good I am with my cock… Curious? don’t worry boys, you can watch. You can even get a taste of my strap on! I LOVE pegging men.

I have many more dirty stories where this came from. Call me for some taboo tell all. I want to hear the naughty things you’ve done too…

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