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Lesbian sex story- I have a few. I love men but occasionally I go all out on girls. If I meet a woman that I am attracted to, I must have her. I think about her pussy, how it looks, tastes and feels, probably like most guys would.

When I first moved to NYC, I was pretty shy. I came from Wisconsin and I guess the big city was pretty intimidating. Kept to myself mostly.

I did go to a life drawing workshop. It was a room in a warehouse where for $15 you could draw live nude models and drink PBRs with other artists. I sat in the back, not knowing anyone. I did draw the human figure a lot and I needed practice. Maybe I would meet a few new friends, I thought.

I stayed to myself, getting my pencils and sketchbooks ready. I walked over and got a beer from the cooler. The guy who was playing music smiled at me.

He was a nerdy hipster who looked like he might be fun.

I went back to my seat and watched the crowd, Finally, the model came out. She was about my age and had long blond hair. She dropped her robe and I gazed at her perfect body. Her perky tits and firm round ass were making me want to drool. My pussy got wet almost immediately.

I knew I had to have her. During her break, she was sitting on her stool wrapped in her robe. I went back to the cooler and grabbed a few more beers. I walked up to her and offered her a beer. “My name is Sara, and I think you are so beautiful,” I told her. She blushed a bit. “Why don’t you wait for me at the end of the workshop?”

I told her I would. The rest of the hour I was so excited I thought I might cum right there. Once we were finished, She put her robe back on and motioned to me. We walked into the bathroom and started to kiss. She pulled up my tank top and kissed my tits. I slid my hand down her perfect body and slid my finger inside her. We fucked and sucked each other right into that bathroom, then again after I walked her home on her futon.

We had an amazing time together and still get together to fuck when she can sneak away from her wife.


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