Lesbian sex story, I made love to a beautiful brunette!

Lesbian sex story, I made love to a beautiful brunette! The other night was extremely hot! I went out on a date with this wicked hot brunette named Kate. We decided to go out for dinner and then we were going to go to a local play. The acting was poor and not very good but it’s not like we were paying attention after the first act sucked. I kissed her first I couldn’t imagine not feeling those soft lips against mine another second. Her lips were sweet and tender and she was an amazing kisser her tongue explored mine like an expert.

I swear I could have ripped her clothes off right there! She bit my lip and it sent shivers down low and I asked her if she wanted to leave the play early and go to my place. I was nervous about her response because I wanted her so bad!! Her voice was almost angelic when she responded: “let’s get the hell out of here!” The whole way back to my place I couldn’t keep my hands off her. I felt her perky tits in my hands and I knew I was so wet my panties were soaking!

Lesbian sex story, She might be the one!

We walked in my front door and I just started taking off every layer of clothing. I was pleased to see her in hot pink lace bra and panties and I stopped for a moment to enjoy the way she looked in my favorite color. She smiled at me wickedly and I knew she had just as many naughty ideas in mind as I did. Pushing her in her back on my bed I crawled between her legs, I couldn’t wait to taste her! Her perfect pink cunt was bald and dripping so I went to town licking her in a way only a woman knows how.

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