Lesbian Sex Story: She Was The Hot Teen I Was Looking For!

Lesbian sex story time! So, a while back a Girl Scout came to my door selling cookies. Well, she had just turned 18, that’s why she could come to my door since they don’t do that anymore. Well, she was fit as fuck and I needed some of her cookies. So, I invited her inside.

She was bubbly and giggly and I told her I had to grab my purse so take a seat on my couch. She bent over to set down her boxes of cookies and I could see that she was a naughty girl, wearing a pink lacy thong under her skirt. I grabbed my wallet but I just got so wet that I needed more than just a box of Thin Mints.

I sat down next to her and bought like 4 boxes of cookies. She jumped with joy and I could also see her cameltoe as she giddily jumped about. Her tits were bouncing with every jump and jiggling, making my mouth water. I told her to take a seat and started asking her if she had ever thought about being with a woman.

She sat back and turned red

“I have. Hehehehe! I just never had done it. But… I would love to… lick.. pussy.” I told her to sit back because she was going to learn a few things today. I pulled her buttoned-up shirt apart, revealing her perky tits which were not in a bra. She giggled as I began to suck on her nipples and she got grabby and started to reach into my shirt, caressing my nipples with every touch.

I quickly pulled her panties off and could see how wet her teen cunt was. So, I started lapping at it like a mad woman! It tasted so fucking sweet and was so tight. She couldn’t take it and came so fast but before I knew it, she had taken control and was pulling at my clothing. She got me undressed so fast that I was surprised she was a virgin in the lesbian sense.

My pussy was spread for her, dripping and ready to be licked. She dove right in, lapping it up like a thirsty puppy and WOW I couldn’t believe how good she was. We fucked all afternoon until she had to be home for dinner. Well, she visits me every now and again to taste my pussy. 😉

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