Lesbian Sex Story: Lady Boss Dominates Her Nerdy Assistant

I have plenty of my own personal girl on girl stories to tell, but this lesbian sex story might just be the fantasy to top them all! The scene of this lesbian sex story is set in an office of a major company. The “top dog” of this office is our incredibly hot lady boss, Erica. Erica is a busty brunette with an attitude. She didn’t make it to the top playing nice. She radiates her power in the way she carries herself and in the way she dresses.

All of the other women in the office are jealous of her power but cower in her presence. The only woman who is brave enough to be around Erica in one of her moods is her nerdy assistant Jenny. Jenny is a tall blonde with curves in all the right places. She will bend over backward for Erica in any situation in hopes that one day she might make it to the top as well.

Another Day at the Office

It is just another day at the office when Erica decides to throw another one of her major bitch tantrums. The entire place can hear Erica blowing up on someone over the phone. She is enraged and the other girls know that it is best not to get in her way. Jenny, however, does not have this luxury. As she waits at her desk outside of the heated office, she knows that there will be a mess to clean by the end of Erica’s call. After a loud crash, Jenny runs into the office to check on her boss.

She finds papers and pens scattered across the room and Erica resting her face in her hands. Without another word, Jenny pushes up her glasses and gets down on her hands and knees. Quietly making her way around the room, picking up the pens and papers, she stops as she sees a pair of red high heels in front of her face.

Don’t Mess With The Bitch in Charge

Jenny looked up at Erica standing over her. Though she had just had an extreme meltdown, she still looked flawless in her black dress and red heels. That’s why you never mess with the crazy bitch in charge. She will bite your head off and smile two seconds later. Erica snapped her fingers at Jenny and told her to get off of the floor. Jenny stood up and took a few steps back to give the two a little bit of space. Her arms were flooded with the mess Erica had made and her glasses were crooked. It looked as if Erica was nearing Jenny to relieve her hands of the stack she had picked up. Instead, she walked directly past her and went over to the door.

The heels clacking against the marble floor built the tension as eerie music in a horror movie does. Jenny was on edge and prepared herself for another round of Erica’s anger. When Erica made her way back to Jenny, she gently took the papers out of her hands and set them on the table. This was almost terrifying since she is never so soft and gentle. Then, she asked Jenny to sit down on the couch. Erica made her way to the front of her desk and sat down on the edge. When she crossed her right leg over the left, you could slightly see up her short black dress. A dark red thong, matching her high heels, was peeking out from underneath her.

Asserting Her Dominance

Finally, she said, “Do you know why I am such a hard ass, Jenny? Don’t answer that. The reason is, you get nothing in life from being a pushover. The man that I was just speaking to on the phone thought that he could tell me what to do. We both know that is not something I can agree with. I am in charge and people will do as I say, right?”

“Yes ma’am.” Answered Jenny unsure of where Erica was going with this.

“That’s right. Now if I were to say jump, you would say…?”

“How high?”

“Yes! And if I were to say take off your top, you would then…?”

“Take off my top?”

“Well, go on. I don’t like to ask twice.” Erica followed her last words with an evil grin and tapped her fingernails against the desk as if she were growing impatient.

And so Jenny started to take off her top. Erica watched from her desk as her sexy blonde assistant stripped down and revealed herself to her command. Jenny shyly wrapped her arms across her chest but followed her boss’s orders. Then Erica uncrossed her legs and continued.

“Now, stand up and take off your skirt.”

Nerdy Assistant Submits

No one is in a position to tell Erica “no.” So, Jenny stood up and pulled down her skirt. She left her hands by her sides this time. She stood in front of Erica wearing her lace pink panties, matching bra, and her sexy secretary glasses. Erica, now with her red thong clearly showing between her parted legs, started to rub her fingertips against the light fabric. Jenny stood there like a statue, replaying the word “pushover” in her head. She was wondering what her boss could be gaining from all of this. Was it just a power move or was Erica interested in creating a lesbian sex story with her? Then, Erica made it clear where it was headed. A naughty lesbian sex story was in the making.

“I want you to take off your bra and panties, but leave on your glasses. When you are fully naked, get back down on the floor like you were earlier and crawl over here to me.”

Jenny’s nipples were pink and hard. Her pussy was cleanly shaved and her ass was so thick that it was perfectly rounded and visible on the sides while she stood straight forward. She got down to her hands and knees and prepared herself for her degrading journey across the room. Crawling on the floor like a submissive nerdy slut, Jenny made her way to her busty brunette boss. She stopped at her red heels just like before. Erica reached down and lifted Jenny’s chin to look at her.

“I’m sure you know what to do now, don’t you?”

The Best Part of Any Lesbian Sex Story

Jenny had never been with a woman before. She only knew what she had seen in lesbian porn during some of her bicurious searches. She didn’t know how to eat pussy but she sure as hell wasn’t going to lose her job without trying. Erica reached down and slid her little red thong off of her, exposing her beautiful pussy. Her pussy lips were already glossy from how turned on she was by her own power.

With Jenny inching closer and closer to Erica’s pussy, she closed her eyes and submitted to her mistress. Erica grabbed the back of Jenny’s head and pulled her in close. Jenny’s tongue flattened as she started lapping up her boss’s pussy juices. Erica started to hump Jenny’s face before wrapping her legs around Jenny’s neck and squirting right into her mouth.

When Jenny pulled away, her face was dripping wet and her glasses were all fogged up. Erica laughed as she reached for her red thong and put it back on over her drenched pussy.

“Here is your lesson, Jenny. Women are powerful. You are not the only woman in the office who has ever had a taste of my power, but you were the best. One day, you could have all of this yourself. For now, you are my bitch. I expect you to be naked in this office all day long until I decide you can leave. Do you understand?”

Jenny nodded and sat back down on the couch. Erica took her place back at her desk and started to write down her newest lesbian sex story.


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