My Lesbian Sex Story will blow you mind away. I love my cousin Jillian. When we were younger, whenever we got to visit Jillian and I were inseparable. Dressed and wore our hair the same. Giggling as we played barbies when we were young, play music and talk about boys when we were a little older. We loved to cuddle together. We even practiced kissing on each other.

I will never forget how her soft lips felt against mine. I think that she was my first real love. My aunt and uncle moved their family across the country so we saw less and less of each other, but I still felt myself get turned on whenever I thought about her. I fantasized about having hot dirty incest sex with her..and the wait was totally worth it!

We finally had a chance to see each other when her family came to NYC. Her family were staying in midtown so I met them at a fancy steak house. Wearing a sexy red cocktail dress with my sexy black lace panties covering my snatch.  Felt like I was going on a blind date- filled with anticipation. I knew Jillian had a boyfriend and just graduated college. She swam and played soccer still so I imagined her body would be smoking hot.

I saw Jillian and my uncle from across the room. She was gorgeous. I gave her a big hug, feeling her toned arms and nice round tits. I hugged everyone else at the table, including her boyfriend. We sat next to each other, excited to catch up. Her Dad laughed and said that we hadn’t changed a bit- and we could still pass as twins!

As we all made small talk, I felt her hand reach for my thigh under the table. She was feeling it, moving her hand up my leg to my panties. I tightened up, feeling myself get wet. Jillian wrote something on her napkin and slipped it in my hand under the table. “I want you so bad, Raven. Meet me in the Ladies Room.” The note said.

Jillian got up and excused herself from the table. I watched her tight ass and long legs walk away. My heart was racing and my head felt light. Did she want to fuck me? I pretended to get an important text. “My boss is texting me. I better call him back.” I said as I got up from the table. I found the Woman’s Lounge and went in. The bathroom attendant pointed to where Jillian was waiting for me. I was a separate dressing room with a long art deco lounge couch. Jillian was sitting on it smiling. She handed the bathroom attendant a $20 and the woman closed the door.

I walked over to Jillian and I kissed her soft lips. My hands wanted to explore all of her. My mouth tasted her neck, I pulled the straps down her dress to taste her beautiful tits. Moving her dress down, kissing and licking her flat toned stomach, finally I reached her panties. Slowly moving them to the side to expose her clit and pussy lips. Licking her clit and her inner thighs, sliding her panties off.

I spread her legs. Her pink swollen pussy was wide open and I buried my mouth it. “Oh Raven, fuck me!” She moaned. I moved my tongue in and out of her while my fingers explored her ass. I mouth fucked her until she came in my mouth. She squeezed her thighs against my head, she pulled my hair and moaned with an intense orgasm. I felt the spasms against my mouth. “Fuck, I have never cum so hard, Raven!” She gasped. She laid me down and licked my soaking wet pussy. Jillian finger fucked me till I came just as hard.

When we both had our fill of each other, we giggled as we got dressed. We vowed to make time for our special “cousin time” as we went back into the table. Since then we play dirty on the phone when we can…hot dirty incest phone sex!

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Lesbian Sex Story



Read more of my Sizzling Blogs anytime!!!